Thursday, 27 June 2013

A tiring day

A day of weeding, trimming, and of course the never ending chore of grass cutting in both the front and back garden .......thanks to the almost daily showers we've been having recently.

Any way I looked at it........

.....the grass had needed a serious  trimming TODAY!
Sometimes my gardening buddy was right at my side........

.....and sometimes he was not.
The Overseer worked from the patio while he picked up a long snooze.....the sun was too hot for him I suppose.
See that keen look of interest?  There's a fly that just landed on the patio.
Note the plant pot ring mark, and also note where the plant pot is now. He still enjoys repositioning the plants on the patio.
That's his contribution to the gardening chores today.....I am thankful for whatever little help I can get.


  1. I'd forgotten about Brownie's curious habit of moving the plant pots.

  2. Yippee. I'm up to date.

    1. I am thankful though that Brownie moves the pots around, that way when I'm hosing the patio down I can get at all the areas.....that's a great help.'re up to date!!


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