Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Hey, did you miss me?
Seems as if I neglected my blog duties there for a while.  I went away without even saying anything.......sorry about that.
Life has a way of taking over, and depriving us of the time to enjoy the things we love doing.
It's been quite busy recently. Then to add to it all, the rain showers that we were having on  a regular basis made it quite difficult to get any outdoor work done.
Indoors is fine sometimes, but not cooped up inside on a daily basis....that is just not my idea of living.
So here I am again.......I'm back with a lot to tell.
This week I'll be celebrating another birthday...this year it falls on Friday, but that won't stop me from a week-long celebration....rain or no rain.
The rain we were having was as a result of a tropical wave that decided to visit the island.  Now I've got to cut the grass in both the back and front gardens AGAIN!!!
A few large ant hills  appeared on my front lawn after the rains, but I have been keeping them in check with copious drenches of Malathion. I have no idea why the ants think my lawn is a perfect place to hang out. They're not reasonable creatures either, so the battle rages on.
This time of the year is a busy time with lots of "summer" chores. I know what you're thinking that I live in the tropics, so it's always summer.  It's the beginning of the hurricane season, and there are always quite a few chores to be taken of in the name of safety.
It was also time for the yearly check for my vehicle, along with insurance renewal, road taxes etc.
The certificate for road worthiness must be completed every two years for Beast.
Yearly medical check for me as well. Had some blood tests done last month, and returned to the doctor yesterday, but the results were not back yet. Seems as if recently the lab has been storing the blood work samples until they have a big batch to work on....what?  It's like making sure you have a full load of laundry before turning the washing machine on. I know that the hospital is short-staffed, but this is ridiculous.
Last week Monday 4.30am, a loud crash followed by a bang...couldn't believe my ears, the garbage guys were out collecting refuse. On a Monday? They change things up so much around here....I guess that way it never gets boring. Apparently some of the trucks were off-route for servicing, so we had an early garbage collection.
It seems as if the bat population has increased in my roof.  Reading up on the internet, I decided to try the exclusion method. I will let you know how that works out later.
Three of my girlfriends are away traveling and I have asked them to take lots of photos so that I can share them with you in future posts.
My daughter is still away playing Florence Nightingale by looking after two of her friends who were in a serious road accident.
Brazen and company are still around creating havoc in the neighbourhood.

Brownie about to move to his other cool spot on the patio

Brownie is still being a good boy. With all the rain, his favourite spot on the patio is drenched after a shower, so poor thing has been hanging out on the other side of the patio.

Wow, I've missed you all. Even though I wasn't posting, I was still making an effort to read your blogs.  I think everything is back to normal now. Did I really say "normal?"  Normal is boring, and I don't like to be bored, so I probably shouldn't have said "normal" at all.
Oh what the heck!!!
It feels so good to be back.


  1. Happy birthday to you, Virginia. Since you're celebrating all week I might as well say it today (besides, I might forget on Friday because I'll be busy then)...

  2. Thank you for the birthday greetings.
    I'm celebrating with some hard work in the garden. Cutting down some palms and trimming some trees. What more could I ask for?

  3. I, too, have been spending far less time in Blogland than I would like recently but, hey, there's only so much time in a day and sometimes one just has to grasp opportunities, such as good weather for gardening which is quite rare here on Lewis, when one can. In the next half hour or so I will at least have caught up with your posts.

    1. Yes, grasping opportunities is what it's all about....heck some of those same opportunities will result in some great blog posts.

  4. Brownie looks like he's recovering. Happy birthday!!


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