Saturday, 8 June 2013

A special day

Yesterday, I celebrated yet another birthday, and I am very thankful that I am still around.
My day was vibrant with cards, tons of phone calls and emails and Facebook messages. Folks whom I have not heard from in eons, resurfaced just to wish me "Happy Birthday" and it was all good.
It has always been a birthday ritual between my daughter and I, to celebrate with lunch at a nice restaurant, and then some shopping for dessert (hahaha).
However, yesterday was different. We were invited to dinner with some friends. One became ill, and he insisted that we should go ahead without him to celebrate. We really didn't want to leave him behind, but he insisted even more, so we headed out.
Believe it or not, the restaurant we had booked and pre-ordered was closed when we arrived, so we walked a few metres up the street and had dinner at a lovely restaurant called Juma's on the Beach.....a restaurant run by a husband and wife team of British ex-pats.
Signs of the economic times, we had the place all to ourselves on a Friday night....scary. Although not really that scary for the northern town of Speighstown, I reckon. Most patrons head out to the west and south coasts for weekend entertainment.
But heck, we had a great time nonetheless. We surely did not need a crowd to be entertained. We were the entertainment for the night. We laughed and sang and drank, and did I mention, we had a great time?
The ambiance was great and the food was delicious.
Turned my camera on to get some memorable photos and was greeted with "Battery Empty", so the photos taken are not the best, since we used my daughter's phone.

The well-appointed bar decorated with colourful lava lamps.

Lightly pan-fried red snapper - succulent and moist
We missed out on the black snapper, but we'll try it next time
The wife is the chef

I'm not a drinker, but I did have a glass of the in-house rum was very good.
I was so full after the meal, that we brought our dessert home....a healthy slice of rum and raisin cheesecake.

Happy Birthnight it was.

A year in my life to reign as a 52 year-old.....looking forward to it.  Look out 53, here I come!


  1. Yes. Restaurants are having a hard time everywhere I think. Glad you enjoyed yourself though.

    1. Quite a few establishments are closing everyday. Actually the restaurant has taken over from another one that was very popular.
      We did have a lovely evening. My daughter's friends are hilarious!


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