Saturday, 29 June 2013


.....I stayed at home.......all day.
Yup, that's what I said...I stayed at home all day today.
I can't believe it either.  I am certain that today was Saturday and as far as I know, every Saturday, my girlfriends and I get together for a jaunt.....but not today.
It was a rainy wet overcast day, and kinda damp and not very cheery.
My girlfriend came over and I helped her with a project that I had promised her I would.
 We were inside working
  (Photo borrowed from internet images)


 Brownie was inside dozing.......

But guess who was outside braving the weather?  Give up?

Jehovah's Witnesses canvassing the neighbourhood downhill from mine in the inclement weather.  
They never cease to amaze me.....they certainly mean business....totally dedicated to their gotta give them that.


  1. We don't seem to get Jehovah's Witnesses here any more. I'm not sure why. The house where GB and I were brought up was near one of their churches and they were regular visitors.

  2. Well count yourself lucky.
    Some of my neighbours are JW's but they don't bother anyone in the neighbourhood and make themselves nuisances.

  3. In NZ I rarely get anyone coming to the house uninvited unless I know the, I am, after all over half a kilometre from the road. I don't have a 'front door' as such and if you actually come onto my covered deck (veranda) then if the ranch sliders are open you are as good as in my home. So I was less than a little amused a couple of years ago when I turned round to find a couple of JWs standing at the edge of my living room. I am ashamed to say that my response was less than hospitable (largely, I think, because I was so surprised and felt a considerable invasion of my space) and asked them to leave. The proffered their magazine Warpath or Watchpath or Watertower or whatever and when I refused just dropped it on my carpet, So I had to put it in the re-cycling instead of someone else. I have considered putting up a: notice like one of the neighbours..

  4. I love the neighbour's signs.....a whole lot.
    I'm thinking a a sign of my own."Don't even THINK about opening this gate except you know you are welcome here."
    Even though JWs can be quite annoying, I do admire their tenacity.
    My JW neighbours and I get along well, since we both know that there is a boundary that should not be crossed.


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