Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Where there's smoke there's ......

Now that I have my view back after the trimming of the Pomgamia tree, I have a clear view of the coastline as far as the eye can see.
Yesterday when I looked to the south side, there was black smoke billowing into the air. At first I thought someone's house was afire, but when I looked closely, I saw that the smoke was rising in a somewhat orderly fashion.
The police and drug squad were taking care of business.
The furnace where the drugs are burned at Grantley Adams International Airport
Photo borrowed from Barbados Today online newspaper

In the newspaper, I read that a large portion of illegal drugs valued at over $43 million dollars were destroyed at the furnace at the Grantley Adams International Airport.
The drug traffickers must have been sick to the stomach.
Tons of their assets going up in smoke (pun intended).....Enos, Andrews, and Tums antacids must have been taken in copious amounts.
Three trucks were used to transport the seven tons of cannabis which had been held in police custody for quite some time.
This kind of bulk destruction of illegal drugs will take place on a continuous basis as the police force steps up its efforts at clamping down on drug importation and cultivation.
Packaged in bags, boxes and bales, the compressed plant matter was mostly evidence related to pending cases in the law courts.
However,  the Evidence Act gives the Commissioner of Police the authority to conduct sample tests of each package with the accused present, and the remainder can then be destroyed. The samples are then used as evidence in court. This "sample and burn" method will be used from here on.
Drug Squad and Defence Force personnel aided in loading the cannabis on the furnace conveyor belt for incineration.
According to the Public Relations Officer of the police force,  "We realise persons have increased cultivation."
The Head of the Drug Squad also noted that there were more and more arrests related to drugs recently.
As he put it, "What we are seeing is an increase in drug seizures (in land) as more Barbadians resort to cultivating cannabis plants in very remote areas. We have seen a drop, though, in coastal landings by go fast boats because of the different strategies we have deployed. We are working closer now with other security agencies."
"Having all those drugs stored at police stations is creating a health problem."
This made me go "hmmmmm......."

Photo from google images
The Police Force, Drug Squad, Barbados Coast Guard, Defence Force and the Regional Security System have got their hands full.
More drug shipments have been nabbed at various bays and inlets on the island.
Recently just over half a tonne of cannabis was spotted floating in the water. It has all been recovered, arrests as yet.
However, with the coastline being heavily monitored, it's becoming harder for persons to drop off drug shipments around the island.
The cultivation of marijuana (weed) has led to an increase in the number of plants seized.
They are being cultivated not only in remote areas but also in various backyards.
And no, there is no marijuana (cannabis) growing in my garden.
No need, I get high on life, sunshine and fresh air.
What I find amazing is the fact that the drug mules are still trying to get past the detection screening at the airport and the seaport.
Why would ANYONE ingest drug pellets that could burst in the stomach and cause death?
From what I've seen they look like little sausages, and for the life of me, I can't imagine swallowing anything that size whole. Some capsules give me a hard time to swallow as is.
The money must be really good to put one's life at risk.
Not for faint-hearted  or squeamish folks like me I suppose.
Oh well, to each his own.
I'm going back into the garden.


  1. We love to watch a show called "border security" and I too am amazed at how people put their lives at risk. Great idea to burn the drugs in full view.

  2. Yes, I enjoy "Border Wars" which airs on NatGeo, but I see there are other border programs like your "Border Security" and "Border Patrol" too.
    Have a look at this link to see some of the strange items that the patrols find illegal items hidden in.

  3. Drugs is not something I know much about to be honest but I imagine that a combination of money, threats, blackmail and drug dependency motivate a lot of the mules.

  4. I couldn't even begin to think about being a mule, horse, or cow in this instance.


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