Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A rocky path

If a friend told you to meet them at the end of this rocky path, would you go? 
After lots of hesitation I did venture down the rocky desolate-looking path above.
I'm in the market for a new entry gate for my driveway.....my poor old gate has seen better days and it's falling to pieces on its hinges....it has been around from the 60's and so it "doesn't owe me anything" as we say here.
I decided to contact my friend Robert who happens to be a good iron works guy to ask if he could help.
"Meet me after work," he said.
"No problem," I replied..."give me directions."
"After taking the left off of the roundabout, drive till you see a church and a shop and make a right there down a rocky path.....don't worry if it looks lonesome, it's okay," he said.
I arrived at the beginning of the rocky path and had some serious doubts about venturing any further.
Decided to reverse and ask the guys who were hanging out at the shop if it was really safe to drive down the path, and if there really was a workshop at the other end.
"Yes," they all said in unison with beers in hand..... and so it was I ventured down the rocky path after a further 2 minutes of hesitation.
Driving cautiously and trying to avoid the rain-filled pot holes, I arrived outside his workplace safely and sat patiently waiting for him to finish up his evening's duties.
My wait wasn't boring however, look at all the incredibleness (my word) I witnessed.

A farmer was herding his animals home for the evening....
They were so many that I never thought that they would stop coming... pretty sheep and lambs and goats and kids in various sizes and colours.

They all followed him obediently and some skipped alongside as they made their way home.
Suddenly the rain started to fall but when it was over the sky was blessed with a beautiful rainbow.

 It was then my ears picked up a sound which I realised was the farmer walking into the field again to call his wayward proteges home.
"Swzee!  Swzee! Swzee!"
Out of nowhere, another four tardy goats came running.

Only a good shepherd would know that some of his flock were missing and go back out to the fields to find them.

By then Robert was making his way to meet me and we were able to view a set of gates that had been offered to me, but with his expertise on board, I was told that they were not good enough.
He informed me that it would be better for him to fabricate new entryway gates.....and so it shall be.


  1. The road was obviously worse in real life than in your photo. Your entrance is going to look very smart by the time you have finished it all.

    1. When I looked at the photo again....it really didn't do the real-life look any justice at all.
      The refurbished entrance is a work in progress....I'm hoping to have it completed at least by the middle of the year.....fingers crossed.

  2. If I trusted him, then I would have gone, too. :o) Skipping goats and a rainbow, too? Beautiful, even if the road was full of potholes.

    1. Oh I do trust him, but I couldn't believe the isolated look of the path I had to take to get to the workshop.
      I did like what I found at the other end though.


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