Sunday, 23 February 2014


When the tight knit community of internet gadgetry heard about the arrival of Mr.FLOW in their neighbourhood, not everyone was pleased.
Mr. ARRIS knew that he would be retiring, and was happy to do so.  He had worked long and hard giving of his best with not a single sick day in all his work life.  It was time to go home and rest and allow Mr.FLOW to take over.
Mr. CISCO Linksys, the router, on the other hand was none too pleased.
"I'm not too sure I want to be working with so much speed....why does it have to change anyway....I don't like this one bit.
Mr. NETGEAR Extender didn't care one way or another, he was waiting to see what was what.

A few weeks before Mr.FLOW arrived on the scene, Mr. NETGEAR Extender began to behave quite erratically.  One minute his signal was strong and the next it was as low as could be , and he was basically all over the place, not reliable at all.
The complaints started to come in.
"I keep on dropping off the internet."
"My pc is saying Connected but I have No Internet Access."
"I can't get online properly." 
This went on for a few days, and after many phone calls and a kind favour, Mr.FLOW arrived in all his high-speed glory.  He came accompanied by a big bad-a$$$$$ CALIX wireless modem and had an air of authority about him.
 Mr. CALIX wireless modem

That was when all hell broke loose.
Mr. NETGEAR Extender worked when he felt like, and when tested was found to be just about 50 percent strength.
He was blamed and threatened to be thrown outside with the rubbish.
 Poor Mr. NETGEAR Extender.  He was no longer the popular guy who everyone loved.
Upstairs and downstairs loved him because he allowed the wifi signal to be accessed throughout the house.
"Get rid of it."
"Look for a better and newer model."
"We need something that is actually working."
The loudest cries were being voiced by Mr. CISCO Linksys router.

The terribly poor wifi reception continued until yesterday when it was decided that enough was enough.
Time to invite Sir.Charles over to calm the unrest and make things right again.

Mr. NEW POWER SUPPLY decided that he wanted to join the party of the disgruntled as well, and broke down with a soft explosion, filling the room with a burnt electrical scent and bringing all surfing to an abrupt stop on the desktop.

Sir Charles arrived on the scene and started to carry out an in-depth inquiry.
Upon further inspection, it was discovered that Mr. CISCO Linksys was THE problem and head trouble maker of all.
He was found to be only pushing out 50 percent capacity, and thus poor Mr. NETGEAR Extender could only transmit what he was receiving.  He had been blamed wrongfully all along.   It was a good thing he had not been dumped into the rubbish as suggested.

So it was that my Saturday jaunt day became a day of calming the villagers and coercing them to talk with each other, but they were having none of it.
Time to get some new villagers for the internet gadgetry neighbourhood.  Some who were more willing to communicate with each other and make the neighbourhood a happy place once again.

A call to the store where Mr. POWER SUPPLY was purchased back in October, only to be told that the three month warranty had expired.  Go figure it decided to go bum in month four.
A new one, (not the same brand) was purchased and installed.

 Omega ATX Power Supply....lets hope this one lasts more than 4 months

It was decided that the BELKIN N300 router would cohabitate lovingly with the Calix modem and the Netgear Extender. 
 Belkin N300 router working flawlessly
  They all moved into the internet gadgetry neighbourhood, and peace reigned throughout once more.

Apologies were flying all around and  Mr. NETGEAR Extender was exonerated.
He was extremely happy to stay in his home among the blue and white pieces on the etagere sending all the signals that he received from Mr. BELKIN N300.

 Mr. CISCO Linksys is no longer a resident of the neighbourhood, and has moved on to other pastures.

Peace and unity has returned to the neighbourhood once more.
Wifi signals can be retrieved from anywhere in the house and also outside in the garden now too.


  1. Hi Virginia, How strange that you should write about this on Feb. 23rd, exactly the same day on which my internet connection said the same thing: connected, yet no internet access! In the morning the signal came and went ... In the afternoon, it never came back! It took a 35 minute call with my internet provider to set things straight. No new equiment was required ... a simple reset of the modem did the trick. Fingers crossed! And good luck with your new toys ... Martine

  2. Hi Martine, my problem was slightly different to yours.
    It was the wifi extender that wasn't sending the wifi signal upstairs. The modem was fine, so no rebooting necessary.
    I've got lots of area to cover so there are two access points and an extender to make sure the entire house gets the secured wifi signal.
    Good to see you!!

  3. When we can't connect to the internet, we all freak out in our house. We replaced our modem a while back and have had smooth sailing ever since. We have a huge snow/ice storm coming so I just hope we don't lose power. I'm glad your computer problems were fixed. We also just replaced a printer that only worked when it wanted to, damn thing!

    1. In this house with everyone having at least 4 items each that need to connect to the internet...there is a lot more than freaking out going on when the internet is down.
      Let's just say it's a wailing and gnashing of teeth, and lots of loud cries of "The internet is DOWNNN!!!"
      It's a new service provider and I know that there will be lots of teething problems but the young folks have no patience or empathy.
      Please don't get me started on my printer. A new HP printer which has a demon mind of its own. As soon as I can spare the funds to replace it....I most certainly's the worse HP printer I have ever owned in all of my life.

  4. Apart from the fact that I've been away and am now trying to catch up (how come I missed this nearly a month ago?) my wifi life is infinitely more simple that yours.

  5. Youngsters of today like everything NOW....our wi-fi here had to be NOW too....I'm not even considering installing the really fast speeds as suggested by someone who shall remain nameless.
    Everyone has three or four gadgets to connect to wifi...they're like doctors on call.


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