Saturday, 1 February 2014

The new look "grass verge" Part I

I don't know if you remember that there were  lovely clusters of palm trees out front on my grass verge.
The palms ran along the outside wall with one cluster right beside the water meter and another at the driveway entrance.

 The palm furthest away in this photo is the one taking the stage in the story below.

One morning sometime ago, a lady (and I use that term loosely) decided that she was going to park her car as close to the palms in order that her car would receive some shade while she conducted her business at my neighbour's house.
Why these visitors never park directly in front of the house they're going to is always beyond me.
Anyway back to my story.
I saw her maneuvering her vehicle to pull it in neatly against the sidewalk and right beside the shady palm fronds.
What happened next may not be meant for your ears.....she opened her car door to get out, forgetting I presume that she had parked so close, and she was almost stabbed in her eye by a palm frond.
"Wuh the r%^&*%$#, I nearly get my f%^&*#ing eye juck (*) out....I guine have to sue the f#@%^&*ing owner of this F#@$^&*ing palm tree!!!"
I could not believe my ears.  Here she was on my property (standing on my grass verge) and cursing and carrying on like a pirate. She had no idea that I saw and heard the entire incident.
From that moment I decided that I would remove the palms from the area because as you all know I can't deal with folly, and we seem to have quite a few "igrant (**)fools" and "idiots" around this place these days.

This was also the same palm that had the meter water leak beside it some time back as well.

One Sunday, last January, my dear ex-hubby came and cut the palms right down to the stumps and we poured weed killer on the exposed stumps.  Many many many weeks later they were dry enough to start the digging out process.  Another friend of mine came by and helped me to dig out the thick fibrous roots.
I took care of the cleaning up process as the stumps continued to break down.   For me it was easier to remove small sections every other day, instead of trying to get it all done at one time.

Palm roots almost gone leaving my now exposed water meter

Getting there

Finally the large roots were no more

My big garden waste bin full of rotten roots

After the incident with the lubricant that was thrown on the grass, I decided that I no longer wanted to have a grass verge....I was tired of cutting the grass outside the wall anyway.
Time for a new look.....something that would ease up the amount of work needed to keep the area looking nice.
What would it be?  

To be continued.........

(*) juck- part of our Bajan dialect that means to poke, stab or push.
(**) igrant - ignorant


  1. 'There's nowt so queer as folk' as they say in Yorkshire. Looks like a good job well done.

    1. Interesting Yorkshire saying, and so very true.
      The job took a while but finally I can see it coming to completion....thank goodness.

  2. ??concrete painted green?? - maybe I'll just wait and see

    1. Painted concrete would have been too easy.....but you're kinda on the right track.


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