Thursday, 13 February 2014


Yesterday I was out running an errand with a friend.  I was being driven, and this gave me the opportunity to see things differently from the passenger side of his vehicle.
While parked under a shady tree during one of his stops, I had lots of "friends" to keep me company until he returned.'s hot...thank goodness for these shady trees
Barbados Black Belly Sheep in the background
I think the grass is greener across the way
I think I'll head over there and check it out
Hey guys, remember I'm tied here
I can't believe they've gone off and left me....
..........some friends they are
Hey wait....I've still got company
How you doing......


  1. There are occasions Virginia when a little humour and lightness is a welcome break from the more serious things in life. Thank you.

    1. Glad I could bring a big smile to your face GB.


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