Friday, 21 February 2014

Gardening Habits

We all have them......gardening habits that we are either proud of or ashamed to admit.
This morning with my glass of juice in hand, I decided to take a wander around the garden and enjoy its beauty.
Needless to say, when I walked by the Japanese Tree Fern, the undergrowth was so dark, it felt like a dungeon under there.
To make matters worse, there was black blight beginning to envelop the leaves.
What do you think happened next?  Mind you I'm still dressed in my nightdress and I'm not prepared for gardening, but I started to trim the tree with my loppers and saw.
Reaching for the step ladder, I spied Brazen lying on my neighbour's wall curled into a ball.  He looked quite ill.  I'd never seen him looking so vulnerable.
None of his mates were nearby, but there he was lying quietly and not looking too well.  When he saw me, he barely raised his head to acknowledge my presence, and then he rested his head back down quickly.
I felt sorry for the poor chap.  After a while he dragged himself up and moved along the wall back to safety. I took my eyes off of him for two seconds, and when I looked back he was nowhere in sight.
Even though he is a menace, I hope that he will be okay.

I spent the next hour lopping and sawing off large tree branches....I heard you....YESSSS in my just had to go there.
My neighbours already have me figured as crazy, so no problem there.
It's daughter dear who seems to be concerned about my behaviour sometimes, but then again if she doesn't know me by now.....she will never never never know me....ooh ooh ooh....
Furthermore what's wrong with trimming trees in a nightdress....common tell me.

Trimming the excess branches away

Clear views once again....I can now see the harbour through the branches.

The monkeys will no longer sit and chill out on that part of the wall because it's too exposed now.

If your gardening habits are anything like mine, you would already know that trimming the tree was not the only thing that got done before I headed back inside all tired and sweaty.
I kinda  like my "bad habit" gardening....I get a lot done that way......and YESSSS sometimes in my nightdress.


  1. I garden in pajamas whenever I can. I love giving my neighbors something to talk about. :o)

    1. Tammy we all know about your crazy gardening exploits and I seem to be following right along in your

  2. I can truthfull say that I have never done any gardening in a nightdress (and am never likely to). My neighbours would certainly have something to say if I went out and gardened in what I wear for going to bed.

    1. Oh GB you are a do make me laugh.
      I can't even begin to imagine you in a nightdress.....but now I am led to wonder what do you wear to bed?????

  3. Some home gardeners do their thing in clothes they'd use at home. There shouldn't be any issue there, even if you're sawing tree branches, right? Though I have to give it to you for going the extra mile in gardening. Most people would just let other people do their tree lopping. I guess if your trees get really big enough, perhaps that's the time to call. In this case, it should be okay for everybody to leave you at peace at your gardening. Take care!

    Melva Ullman @ MPDT


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