Monday, 17 February 2014

Holetown Festival 2014 - Part 2 - Arts & Crafts

After the parades were over, it was time to visit the arts and crafts stalls of the festival.
Food stalls were plentiful, and the smells were tantalizing, but I was on a mission to find my girlfriends who had a plant stall at the festival.
So many tents with so much to see....where should I start?
 It was like a large tent city

I decided to start at one end, and make my way back up through the crowds until I found my girlfriends and then make my way back to where I had parked.

Both locals and tourists were out in their numbers

Beautifully decorated stalls depicting our local chattel houses

Artists displayed their paintings

The next three paintings were HUGE and had HUGE prices attached to them.
Boys with guttaperks  and handmade wood lorries -Bds$10,000 (US$5,000)

Sugar cane cutters harvesting sugar cane -Bds$10,500 (US$5,250)

Lady working in her kitchen garden....I think this one was Bds$11,000.

At first I thought these Bob Marley paintings were exquisitely done I was fooled.
Straw made goods

Carved wooden ornaments and statues

Local Pottery

Carved Coral Stone decor

Where did you get that hat?

Leather sandals of every description

Shells, shells, shells

Barbados souvenirs

Painted calabash (gourds)

Wire art

Stalls with everything under the sun



The toy stalls had many kids spellbound...young and old.
Lucky Dips for boys and girls in the pretty wrapped boxes at the side of the table
In my day, lucky dips were 50cents...they're now $3.00

Tourists love these island festivals.


Ezra (plant buddy) among his plants
Finally I found my girlfriends....about time was creeping up to lunchtime for you know who...time to make my way home.

My two crazy girlfriends

Individual bands provided music throughout the crowds.
It was such a lively place to be on a Saturday afternoon....I should have considered staying a while longer.
Perhaps I should have given BrownBerts a call to let him know I would be home a bit late. The phone booth is only doesn't work....hahaha.
(CJ this photo is for you!)

Until next year.


  1. I would have so enjoyed that. This week is Napier's Art Deco week and the weekend will see lots of activity but we don't get the art and craft stalls to anywhere near the same extent.

    1. There were so many stalls and so many different art/craft items but with the crowds it was difficult to get proper photos.
      I hope you enjoy the Art Deco event this weekend....I know you'll post photos, so I'll be looking forward to that.


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