Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I've been busy......

As busy as a bee, and then some.
The garden, as always takes up quite a bit of my time to keep it in shape.
Some of my fellow bloggers already know the amount of time it takes to keep palms looking seems they shed fronds every second.

Trimmed Golden Palm fronds
In between the hard outdoor work, I still found a little time to fix lunch.

Curly Kale drizzled with EVOO (ExtraVirginOliveOil) and sprinkled with salt and pepper before baking

Macaroni Pie, Granburger Stew with Kidney Beans, and baked Curly Kale

The last of the Christmas treats........all consumed now

It's still our tourist season and the cruise ships continue to sail into the harbour every day.

Lovely beach view on my way to visit friends headed off to France for a week

Brownie waiting for his lunch in the doorway
"What's taking so long?"

A girlfriend of mine thought I was in need of a break after all the work I'd been doing recently and gifted me with a ticket to a local theatre production.
 "Laff it Off" is an annual theatrical comedy production that sheds a satirical look at local political and social issues.
It runs from January to March and has a huge following.
The production started back in September 1985 from the need to promote theatre in Barbados and is now in its 29th year.
The title this year was "Yuh Got to Pay" and as usual the scenes were hysterical with the actors on stage delivering their lines in heavy Bajan dialects.
Barbados is a lively island especially in the area of politics and the majority of the performances were based on political events that occurred throughout the year. It gives one a chance to laugh it off but also to ponder the seriousness of it all.
The show can be a bit raunchy at times but a definite laugh its is.

Life goes on. know the everyday stuff that life is made up of.
Cussing at the gas company to have my gas delivered after five days of delivery promises.....telling off yet another stupid person visiting the neighbour next door NOT to park blocking my driveway....collecting new plants from friends, obtaining quotes for fabricating the new gate, and on and know....the usual stuff.
Isn't life grand??


  1. I work on the basis Virginia that if `i wake up in the morning then it's a grand day. How things proceed after that can be a bit variable though. I just hope each day that it'll be a Good Day. On the whole they are.

    1. I totally agree with you....I think that every day I live is a blessing and I am so very very thankful.


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