Friday, 13 May 2016

A mix match day

Early this morning I heard the soft pitter patter of raindrops outside....I was elated.
 The shower finished not long after, but it was enough to quench the ginger lilies.....

 ....and the bougainvillea
Around 6.00am as I sat combing Brownie's hair on the patio, there was an explosion.
As I sat looking on, one of the electric poles in the downhill neighbourhood burst into fiery sparks and traveled to a nearby pole.
That pole began to send off fiery sparks into the air in large bursts of electric blue and yellow light.
It reminded me so much of the starlight fireworks (sparklers) that my dad bought for us when my brother and I were kids.  Those were the safest kind for young children back then.
Today these electric fireworks were mean and monster-like....very scary.
They continued to spark ferociously every few minutes.
I was alarmed since none of the neighbours seemed to know what was happening.  Then a guy ran out and shouted and pointed  and whipped out his cell phone and made a call.
I thought it was to alert the power company but then I saw other neighbours coming out after each call he made.
Amazing how local folks are enraptured by fires and disastrous events and run devil-may-care to regard and be entertained by such events.

Some time later the Light and Power Company truck arrived on the this time the sparks had lessened.
"Wait I call you evuh sence, whey you did?" a lady called out to one of the guys in the truck.
He promptly got out and had an animated conversation with her and then got to work.
It was getting late and I hurried to get ready because daughter dear and I were headed into the city to run a few errands.
In between our errands she mentioned a new sweet eats store that she wanted to check out.
Decisions...decisions....decisions...we bought a large slice of strawberry cheesecake to share.

As I waited on her to be served, I wandered over to the window lookout and took a few photos of the hustle and bustle of Bridgetown below.

Upper Broad Street across from the Careenage with the statue of Lord Horatio Nelson facing up the street.
(He once faced down Broad Street...but that's another post!)

Back at home, it was time for lunch and to feed you know who.
 Looking out the kitchen window I saw two trucks from the power company at the pole again.
Then they left again...finally.

Just as I came inside, my friend Sonia called to ask for the monkey trapper's number...."These monkeys down here by me are terrorising me, I can't take it any more!!"
The trapper will pay her a visit in the next few days...he is familiar with that particular troop so will be able to take care of them precisely.
In the meanwhile I will hold on until he comes to my area again....Brazen had better watch out!!


  1. Electricity is scary stuff when things go awry. At least in this case there seem to have been few problems and you were presumably not without power. I was interested in the Bridgetown downtown pictures. Nelson used to be one of my interests and I have a lot of books about him so I shall look forward to the post on his monument's position in Bridgetown.

    1. Many years ago there was a large climbing plant growing up the back patio and one day I decided it was time to cut it back. I took a machete and started swinging away at the plant and suddenly there was a loud explosion and I saw stars...the machete had nicked the main cable for the electricity to our home which was hidden underneath the plant foliage. The force with which that power knocked the machete out of my hand and the fear I felt when I felt the tingle cured me once and for all with dealing with electricity. I give it total respect now.
      As for Nelson, I promise to write a post about him soon.

  2. Glad they got that sorted out, and it looks as though you had a good time hanging out with your daughter. strawberry cheesecake sounds yummy.

    1. My daughter doesn't like going to the city so that excursion was a rare treat. She only hangs out with me when she has no other
      Thankfully the electrical problem has been solved.


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