Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Brazen and his BIGG mango

This evening as I headed outside to the back garden, along came Brazen stumbling across the wall with a BIGGG mango.
I could tell from the way he was barely holding on to it that it was really heavy for him, and I could not help but laugh.
Here it was, he had found a really big mango and it was larger than his two hands could manage....but manage he did.
He finally gave up carrying it along and sat down on the wall and started to eat.

I can't believe I picked this big-@$$ mango for my supper.
 Positioning the mango between his feet, he secured it with his toes and proceeded to bite into it tearing it off into pieces.
Do you see how long his tail is?  He loves to sit on the wall and drape his tail over the wall where it's just above Brownie's head and tease him that way.  No matter how high Brownie jumps he is always short by an inch....Brazen calculates this formula exactly every time.
 He looks somewhat perplexed for just a moment probably wondering, "Why on earth did I pick this BIGG mango? It is a lot to eat."
 Here comes one of the youngsters looking to have a bite of the mango...but Brazen was having none of that because he had already shared a stingy piece with the little one. (I missed that shot)
The little one realising he wouldn't be getting any more of the delicious mango jumped down off of the wall and went on his way.
You can see the tip of his tail as he wanders away.
Brazen sat and ate the mango till it was no more.  With a very full stomach he stumbled along the wall like a drunk man on his way home.
Where was Brownie during all of this you may wonder?
 Relaxing inside enjoying the cool breeze from the fan......he just didn't feel like being bothered with Brazen this evening....he chooses his battles well.


  1. Wisdom is choosing your battles well!

    1. Brownie is a wise little dog...that he is.

  2. I think bothering Brazen would have just been an exercise in futility. A nap is a wiser choice! Do the monkeys ever throw things at Brownie?

    1. Brownie like me has his "monkey" moments and knows when it's best to ignore them.
      They do throw uneaten fruit rocks though.


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