Monday, 30 May 2016

The Three Amigos

Looking out from the patio this morning I caught sight of three amigos strolling along my neighbour's wall.
 They knew "good well" that the monkeys had discarded pieces of unwanted mangoes on the ground below.
How did they know?  I have no idea but they knew alright.  The monkeys had made a big mess on the ground below the wall.
This posse is part and parcel of the family of wild chickens that frequent the village below.
 Every so often they wend their way up the hill to check out what's happening in my neighbourhood.
 Mr. "Rooster Cock" as we call them has a beautiful plumage of vibrant colours and lovely tail feathers.
He is the Head Honcho and he is the leader.
He was first to jump down from the wall to start scavaging for the mango pieces left behind by the monkeys.
The other two dutifully followed.

With stomachs full, it was time to move on again.
Look at his pretty.

 Away they went clucking on their way.
I know you're wondering where Mr. Brownbie was during this episode, but I had secured him safely inside, if not his barking would have scared them away.


  1. These seem like much friendlier garden visitors than Brazen!

    1. I definitely prefer The Three Amigos compared to Brazen and his crew.
      I had a scare with Brazen on Tuesday.....will post about my encounter soon.

  2. Very handsome and, I imagine if anyone crossed him, very capable of defending himself!

    1. Yes a very handsome fellow but like you said he will win a fight if his two female companions are approached by another guy....he looks like a heavyweight champion.

  3. lol, i somehow miss wild chickens and roosters roaming all over the place

  4. It's these little things that make our island so special in my eyes.


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