Thursday, 5 May 2016

A House for Brownie????

Today I left Beast at home and took a minivan into the city.
As you know I do this every so often because I like a change of pace.
The day was HOTT and I made sure I conducted my business as fast as I could so I could return home quickly.
We are still under water restrictions until the end of the month and the rain has not even showed up as is some really crazy weather we're having...just heat all day and all night long.
I had made sure that I sat in a window seat to be cooled by the breeze as we traveled along.
Traveling in the minivan warms my heart because I am able to relax and have a good look around me.
Waiting at a stop light I glanced over to the side of the road and this is what I saw....
Ain't that the most adorable dog house you ever did see?
I came home and showed it to Mr. B, but he was not impressed.
 Hope Mum isn't thinking of getting me a dog house...I like living in a big house....don't get any crazy ideas Mum.
Dog house????  Perish the thought!!!


  1. We built Missy a doghouse and she lets us live in it with her (so long as she's the boss)

    1. Well I knew it was Missy's Garden but secretly I knew it was Missy's Castle too.
      Give her a pat and a soft cuddle from me and Brownie.

  2. Replies
    1. It is a beauty...I can see some other dog inside (definitely not Brownie) throwing open the windows one bright morning and exclaiming/barking "It's a beautiful day!!"


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