Thursday, 12 May 2016

Still knocking around

You may be wondering (or not) whatever has become of Brazen monkey and his crew in this drought that we're having.
They are still knocking around the place, teasing the neighbourhood dogs, eating whatever fruit they can find, destroying property and messing up the place.
Caught them in the act this morning traversing the wall
Jumping on the bare trellis

Brazen rudely staring at me

Purposefully sitting on the wall for a LONNNNGGGG time to make poor Brownie go crazy.
I was going to record a video but Brownie was barking up a was too noisy.
Gosh these monkeys are driving us crazy, and it seems that Brazen has taught the youngsters how to be brazen just like him, but they are taking it to a new level..
They now jump down into the garden and take their time to swagger across the grass to the other side.   No amount of shouting or shooing makes them stop in their tracks or hasten their pace...very brazen indeed......time to call the trapper.


  1. Where do they take them when they are trapped? they might just make their way back and then be more brazen than ever!

    1. His title maybe a misnomer, he doesn't trap them at all....they are shot.
      They have become such a menace to farmers and householders that there is a government bounty of $50 per tail.
      Years ago the Wildlife Reserve had brought two cages which were positioned outside my back wall and filled with bananas and sweet potatoes. We caught one monkey that way and they came by and tranquilised him and took him to the reserve but that does not happen anymore.

  2. I'm afraid there are times when I don't believe in co-existence. This would be one of them.

    1. If only they would behave and not be so destructive, I wouldn't mind them so much, since technically we came along and built our houses on their natural habitat.

  3. Brazen would drive me nuts! It's time for him to visit the other side of the island!

    1. The folks who live on the other side of the island don't want them either!!!


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