Saturday, 28 May 2016

Happiness is.....

....having a good friend that's got your back.
Brownie and Big Blue Rat at play.

Happiness is.....having my sewing machine back home and "firing like a brute."
On Thursday my sewing machine broke down. The thread was not being lifted up from the bobbin casing and the needle kept on knocking against the casing thus damaging the needle in the process.
Called the technician who was on his way to a doctor's appointment but still passed by to collect it.
He called this morning to make sure I was going to be at home and he brought my baby back home.
It's working like a dream....just like riding a jet-ski over calm blue waters.

Here is the culprit...a worn out gear.
So happy for this great service...thanks Mr. Gittens!!!

Happiness is.....realising my patience has paid off waiting for the beautiful blooms on my white ginger lilies ....
........and my bougainvillea

 My white desert rose is adorned with lots of flowers too.
 The best Happiness is.....  for today occurred in the supermarket this afternoon.
The check out lady is scanning my items happily.  The bagging lady comes up and says to her "Wait you here very late, you working overtime?"
The check out lady replies, "Yes girlfriend I am working tonight."
Suddenly I am enveloped in a big hug by the bagging lady.
I'm stunned..."What what what did I win?"
"No no she explained, I'm so happy my friend is working with me on my shift this evening ....I'm just so happy!!!"
I laughed and collected my groceries.
"Maybe my friends could learn a thing or two from you ladies...they're surely lacking....have a lovely evening."

Hope you had a happy day too.
Here is the link to Happy by Pharrell Williams.


  1. How wonderful to have someone share their spontaneous joy with you! Brownie looks happy, indeed!

    1. I was so stunned when she just grabbed hold of me with that great big hug because some of them can be rather grumpy.
      I'm glad that she was happy.

  2. I think I'd be a bit taken aback if I was suddenly spontaneously hugged in the supermarket by someone I didn't know. But spontaneity like that is wonderful. I love the bougainvillea and the desert rose but I confess that I'm less keen on the lily.

    1. The white ginger lilies are now beginning to bloom and in all fairness have not reached their beautiful peak as yet. I was just so happy that they've started to bloom that I couldn't help but take a photo.

  3. What lovely pictures. Lovve the dog with the blue toy on his head. And some people say dogs have no sense of humour .... !! xoxox

    1. My boy has a great sense of humour...I will post a story on that soon.


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