Sunday, 29 May 2016


I am still amazed at what a busy church my daughter and I have been attending recently.
I don't always write about everything because every Sunday there is something happening.  We missed the last two weeks after the Mother's Day service which in itself was really nice.  Each mother received a lovely cardboard teapot with chocolates and teabags inside.
By birthing a baby, Mothers give the gift of life and to celebrate this there were two lovely glass vases (Vases of Life) which were filled with flowers by all the congregation as we walked to the altar for communion.

Christ the King Church is really like a family and we do feel at home there.  Everyone is so welcoming and take the time out to make sure that we as new members are okay.
Last week was the Family/Beauty of Belonging Service which we did not attend but maybe next much activity for one church....I am not accustomed to such an active church but I'm liking it.....keeps me on my toes.
When we can't attend we view the live broadcast of the service online.

Today there was a display of Skills by various members.


As you can see the congregation is made up of all kinds of persons with various skills....who would have thought that we had a Book Binder in our midst?   That's nice to know.
Any Sunday I feel ill I'll know there is a doctor in the house....that's also nice to know.


  1. it sounds as though you have a vibrant active community in your church. very nice.

    1. Yes a very active and vibrant church community....I have no idea where they find the time to do everything that they do.
      I will have to save some special time to get more involved in future events.


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