Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Announcing it to the world

A couple of days ago.......

What a clatter........
                                What a commotion................

                                           A whole lot of noise...............................

Deafening unadulterated LOUD babbling...........

Brazen sat in the trees loudly chattering for ages and ages.........

     He just went on and on and on....................

What was he on about I wondered........
Then Brownie ran into my office to get my attention, "Come and see!  Come quick Mummy! Come quick!"
I dutifully followed him outside to the patio, and there she was...........

Brazen's mate with her new born hanging on to her stomach.  I wasn't in time to grab my camera, but you'll get an idea from the photo below borrowed from the internet.
The tiny baby was a blue colour, since its hair had not begun to grow in and cover the flesh as yet.
It hung on for dear life on his mother's chest/stomach as she moved around with her maternal instinct in top gear.

The proud father sat in the tree looking on happily, but still noisy as ever.

Hear Ye!!  Hear Ye!!

Brazen was in the trees announcing the birth of his crazy offspring to the world.

Remember when they were caboodling on the gate? The time was right by my calculation.

Another monkey to terrorize the neighbourhood.....another monkey with Brazen's crazy-a$$$$$ genes.
"Lawd I cahn tek it nuh more."

A little later in the day, what did I spy with my own little eye?  Brazen caboodling with another female on my neighbour's wall.  He's really going forth and multiplying....where's the phone????

Have a read here and here.


  1. Oh No! Not more monkeys. No wonder Brownie called you out to see.

    1. Yes, another crazy monkey to deal with, and Brownie is not pleased, neither am I...big sigh.

  2. Not easy to deal with noisy neighbours whether they're humans or animals :)
    Here we have the gulls screeching in the summer... The parents up in the air, and the young ones walking about on the ground before they learn to fly properly.

    1. Somehow I think I'd rather the gulls than these crazy monkeys.

  3. Just wanted to thank you for your wise words in the comment on Casa Mariposa. I needed to know it is O.K. to feel overwhelmed. Congrats on the new baby.

  4. The feeling of being overwhelmed will pass in time. It must be hard to have two kids leaving the homestead at the same time.
    I'll tell you a secret, I enjoy having the house to myself. I can turn "my music" on and dance and sing if I want, or whatever else my heart desires. With Brownie around the otherwise empty house isn't so bad. I talk to myself sometimes, but it's all good.
    You will be okay.
    You know what, you can have the new baby.

  5. I'm not quite sure why I should feel so aggrieved that no one can do anything about the Brazen problem but I do.

  6. All in good time my friend....all in good time.
    The last time the trapper came by, we caught all of the troop except Brazen. He is now recreating another troop.
    I'm sure we'll be successful this time around, and besides Mr. Brazen can't live forever.


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