Thursday, 4 July 2013

July 4th

Today, for my friends and family in the US, it's Independence Day, a holiday to celebrate with outdoor barbeques and picnics, followed by displays of fireworks in the evening.
Some of them were off at the beach enjoying themselves as well, leaving the family dog at home (you know who you are).  It was nice to know that they spent their day in a meaningful way frolicking in the sun and the waves.
My advice to you....Enjoy life while you can.

It was also the birthday of one of my dear friends with whom I had a lovely chat  earlier this morning, after singing her "Happy Birthday."

However, today holds a ton of other memories for me.  Today is the day that my Mum departed this life, and is now at rest. A date that has left an indelible mark in my life.

Image from all-free
It is not a day that I cherish at all but I had to make the most of it.

Yesterday my girlfriend had dropped off a package of mangoes for me, therefore Mr. Brown Berts and I had fresh mango slices for breakfast.

He finished his in two seconds flat, and looked around for more.

I on the other hand, took my time to savour the sweet juicy flesh.
I also had my first cup of moringa tea.  It wasn't bad.... it actually didn't have much of a taste at all.
I honestly felt perked up after drinking it all down.

Beast was in need of a new battery. I had made an appointment with my battery guy for yesterday, but he couldn't fit me in until today.

He pulled up, and installed a new battery in my beloved Beast in no time.

A very pleasant chap who takes care of his customers like his own family.
I know I could go to the store and purchase a new battery, but why should I?  I've got the best of both worlds so to speak.  I get a new battery delivered and installed (same price as in the store). It is carefully tested after installation, and a service certificate/warranty (12 month free replacement guarantee) is issued.  If I have any problems at all (and I never have), they stand behind their products. They're manufactured right here on the island.
Today he found that the terminal leads on Beast were damaged, and new ones were installed efficiently, with no hint of "attitude"....... just "plain and simple" good service.
I also received a bottle opener key ring for being a loyal customer of many years.
Yes, July 4th, what a day.......


  1. For you the 4 July is what I call a 'memory' day where the memories are mixed one with another: some perhaps good, some perhaps bad and some perhaps neutral but all together making one date that you never forget. I suspect most of us have at least one 'memory' day each year.

  2. I forgot to add how much I love having someone who provides a good service and to whom I can return the loyalty with my custom.

  3. A "memory" day it was indeed.
    I love the service from my battery guy, whom I met up with after my dear Beast had to go to another mechanic for repair. My mechanic was off-island at the time. After such great service on that occasion, I decided to stick with him through the years. Not only that, my batteries lasts an entire 3+ years, so I'm a happy customer.


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