Saturday, 13 July 2013

Firing like a brute

I don't know about how the grass grows in your garden, but my grass has no sort of behaviour at all.
It only takes just a drop or two of rain to take it to new heights.  It's amazing how after cutting the grass, and after a nighttime rainfall, the grass is standing tall again in the I said no behaviour.
Having said that, it seems as if I have been cutting grass non-stop recently.  As soon as I'm finished cutting the grass in the back garden, it's the grass in the front garden that needs cutting, and then the back garden etc, and the cycle just keeps going and going.
You can imagine my horror when I picked up my trimmer to work on the grass outside my front wall, it belched some acrid smoke, and then gave off a scent as if it were ready to explode in my hands.  What the frickity frack????
It had been working so hard recently that the poor thing had had enough.  Diagnosis: Burned out armature/motor.
Luckily for me, I had a spare trimmer.  Many years ago on one of my visits to the metal dump, I ran into a truck driver who was dumping old electrical appliances/gadgets for a superstore....items that customers had taken to be fixed and had not returned for them.  At that time I had in my possession one faithful trimmer that had stood the test of time for many years. 
I "rescued" three of the trimmers that were like mine that he was dumping, and brought them home, figuring I would use them for parts.  What a surprise when my techie friend told me that they were all good to go.
I have been recycling the trimmers over the years, and now I'm down to one.
 The Last of the Mohicans
 I gingerly removed it from the box, and took it outside to finish the job.  I pulled the trigger and it came to life with so much gumption that I was startled, almost dropping it in the process.
It was "firing like a brute."(*) Made short work of the grass cutting, and I was finished in no time.

Today, I spent the morning in the back garden, cutting grass (what else?), weeding and trimming shrubs and trees.

Yes, another Saturday at home, but I was busy as a bee.
Since they fogged yesterday afternoon, I also did some laundry today.  Linens that needed some special washing care.  Battenberg lace tablecloths are pretty but can be quite a chore to keep up with.
They were riddled with storage marks which I knew would be nearly impossible to remove.  A basin filled with Oxy-Wash and a couple of hours in the sun, and VoilĂ , they were all gone.  YEAH!! 
(*)"Firing like a brute" is a favourite saying of one of my friends.  I have never had cause to use it until now.


  1. I have to admit that I now have a lawn cutting man. He comes once a fortnight during the growing season and cuts and trims. It takes him about thirteen minutes to do what it used to take me a whole afternoon. OK, he has the equipment but more to the point he has the energy to go with it! I don't think I'll ever be cutting grass again...

    1. Thirteen minutes??? That must be a record time somewhere.
      Lucky you to have a GOOD lawn cutting man. The last guy that came by many many moons ago, told me "I'll just give the grass a haircut" and that he did with hardly any grass removed. Suffice to say he ain't here anymore.
      I can't imagine what I'd be paying out if I had to get someone to cut the grass the many times that I do.

  2. You call it a trimmer. In the UK it's a strimmer and in New Zealand it's a weed-whacker. In Scotland I only use mine for edges and it's a petrol one. I think with all the work you and yours do you need a bigger brute.

    1. We really call it a whacker here, but since I wasn't sure what my blog readers called it, I decided to use trimmer.
      The petrol ones are a bit heavier for me to use and the fumes I don't care for at all.
      Maybe I can rig mine to become a big brute whacker.

  3. I have a petrol strimmer. It hardly ever works when I need it to and when it does the line usually gets stuck. Also have a sit on mower. I spend more time fixing it than actually mowing the grass.
    Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog.

    1. John, it's always nice to see you knocking around here.
      Wish I could use a ride around mower here, but not only is the garden hilly, but also rocky as for me the "whacker" works best.
      Hope you're back to your usual self.


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