Sunday, 28 July 2013

My what a week it has been

What a week.  A week of joys and wonders, yet filled with mishaps and letdowns.
For starters my dear beloved daughter came back home, and I was thrilled....please don't tell her this....I beg of you please.  I try to be the cool mum that doesn't worry because she's all grown up, but still....
I am a mother first and foremost, and it's our job as mothers to worry about our offspring, and besides she's my only "chickee".(*)

On Monday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William & Kate, became the proud parents of a baby boy, HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.
Prince George of Cambridge being introduced to the world outside St. Mary's Hospital with proud parents William and Kate.

Who better to make the announcement than a party-crasher town crier?
Even Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy got into the act...

On to other baby news......

We also had a monumental first at our local hospital.
On Wednesday, July 24, Dr.Na Tisha Robinson conducted the first ever foetal intra-uterine transfusion at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Dr. Na Tisha Robinson
When a foetus suffers from severe anemia, a foetal blood transfusion is necessary, an operation that can save the life of the unborn child.
The mother's immune system in this case was found to be Rh-sensitized, whereby it had produced antibodies which destroyed the foetus' Rh positive red blood cells, as they registered as foreign bodies by the system.
The donor blood transfusion was administered via the umbilical vein, and replaced the foetal red blood cells that were being destroyed.
Dr. Robinson specializes in maternal and foetal medicine, and conducted the one hour operation to save the life of the 31 week old foetus, which is due to be delivered in another two weeks.

Congratulations are in order all around.

I've been busy with lots of house maintenance chores, some tedious and boring, but necessary.  Some projects are going well, and some not so much, thus leading to the mishaps I referred to above.  But have no fear, I will survive, and they will all be completed, maybe not in the time schedule I had planned, but completed nonetheless.

(*) My term of endearment for a small chick, since I'm a mother hen.

**All images were borrowed from internet images.


  1. ....and mother hen to your girlfriends I suspect.

    1. You got that right!!!
      I'll tell you a secret, I'm mother hen to my guy friends as well.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you've had mishaps in amongst the Good Things. My son Gaz has just left the Island for his two months back at work. I shall miss him. Doubtless not as much as his wife-to-be will miss him.

    1. The two months that Gaz is away will go by quickly, if you don't think about it.
      Thank goodness for all the technology of today where we can stay in contact no matter where we roam.
      My mishaps happen every summer as we start the yearly's inevitable. Don't worry about me too much, I'm filled with solutions to any problems that raise their ugly heads.


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