Saturday, 27 July 2013


Even though there was tons of work to be done at home, I couldn't help but venturing out for a quick Saturday jaunt this morning.
My friend Kelly was having one of her quarterly garage sales, and they are not to be missed, regardless of how much stuff you have on your plate to attend to.
It usually starts early, and no matter how early you arrive, there are always other bargain-hunters ahead of you.  Oh well.
Silly old me, I forgot to take photos. However, everything but the kitchen sink was included in today's sale.
All manner of household items, clothes, bags, shoes, books and magazines, plants, computers, jewelry and many more items...oh yes and refreshments as well.
It's a social gathering, and I usually run into quite a few old friends and "familiar faces".....did I say familiar?  What I meant was, faces that I should remember but don't, yet they shout my name gleefully.....
I'm at a total loss, the name of the face playfully hiding somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain, and therefore not available for retrieval, but yet I manage a hearty, "Oh hi there my dear, how are you?  So nice to see you. How have you been?"
Diplomacy at its best, if I do say so myself.

I wandered around for a little while, and then opted for a few house decor magazines, since I'm in the throes of remodeling several areas of my old home.
I also didn't want to add more stuff to my uncluttered home, especially since I had only dropped off a huge box of used items to the Salvation Army just yesterday!
Of course I decided to take a quick drive down the west coast, since I was already on the road, and I also had some bottles to recycle at the supermarket as well.
On top of a hill on my way down to the coast, I had to stop.....and check out the beautiful scenery.

I would have loved to be on one of those small pleasure boats sailing along the coast.

Nice day with hardly a cloud in the sky

Sun shining brightly down on the azure sea below

A nice brisk wind to keep the heat of the day at bay...

Time to get back to my reality and head home to get some work done.


  1. Looks and sounds idyllic.

    Ever since an incident in the sixties I have had difficulty with names although I remember faces (which to me appears rather at odds with my inability to hold images in my head but is, apparently, a different part of our thinking structure). Don't you just hate it though when someone you have just greeted heartily with a 'Ho've you been' (whilst trying to recall their name) responds with 'No different to yesterday when we were chatting.'

    1. Oh GB, you made me laugh quite heartily, because I can relate.
      Having worked in banking for many many years and then the corporate world, I met so many many folks over the years.
      Some I remember and some I don't, but it's nice that we all still say hello nonetheless.
      It annoys me somewhat when I can remember the face and name, but not under what circumstances I know the person.


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