Sunday, 21 July 2013

Grave robber

I awoke early this morning as usual.

A beautiful rainbow was in the sky, and the moon was still showing itself against the light of dawn.
A light drizzle was coming down, so I put off walking the garden until after breakfast.
Sipping my tea and looking through my office window out to the garden, my cup almost fell from my hand.
To my dismay, I saw the box that I had buried the little birdie in, above ground right beside the grave. The flowers were strewn far away from the burial site.
What was going on?
Everything was okay last evening when I closed up.  Brownie had not yet gone into the garden, since the gate was still closed, and besides he is not a digger.
I couldn't blame Brazen and his crew because monkeys don't travel around at night.
All I could think of, was that it was one of the wild cats that traverse the neighbourhood every night.
Good gracious me, hadn't the poor thing endured enough?
Was he not entitled to rest in peace?
I went out to rebury the poor thing.
The box was slightly damaged, but the body still remained inside, thank goodness.
I dug the hole again, and buried the little birdie yet again.
This time I placed a small brick over the grave.  Hopefully this will thwart any efforts to disturb the poor thing again.
Once again little birdie, Rest in Peace.
Update: I caught Brownie snuffling and pawing/digging around the brick after lunch, so I guess he was the culprit after all!


  1. You will never really know though Virginia: Brownie might have been able to smell the cat that might have dug it up and wondered.....

  2. I think you may be right GB....there's always that possibility.


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