Saturday, 6 July 2013

Something sweet to eat along with The World's Strictest Parents

Usually after my lunch, I tend to have a small dessert, however this week all that was available in my pantry were cookies.   Yet, I didn't have the urge to bake....until this afternoon.

Rustic Apple Tart

Pineapple Cake
After the baked goodies were cool, I sliced them into neat portions and put them away in the freezer. In this way, if I'm in the mood for "something sweet to eat" I can just zap a slice  (45 seconds) in the microwave and have it with tea or after lunch.

I know you're wondering if I was out today....well yes I was, but only for a short period of time.

During an in-depth and extremely interesting conversation with my pc guru friend last night, he asked how the tv was doing, and I told him just fine, it even seemed to be showing better than before.

We kinda have the same tv viewing taste.  We discussed "Falling Skies", "Game of Thrones", and a couple of other movies, and then he dropped a bomb on me.
"What about "The World's Strictest Parents?"
"Whuh? What?" I asked.  I had never heard of it.
"Yes, they did one of the episodes in Barbados too. You should check it out."
He then gave me a synopsis of the show and directed me to YouTube.
Okay, so off I went to view "The World's Strictest Parents -Barbados episode".
I was flabbergasted.  Let me sum it all up for you quickly.  A pair of rebel British teens are sent to live with a Barbadian family (Seven Day Adventists) for a week. Their parents hope that they will change their ways by the time they return home to the UK.
I was in total shock at the Barbadian parents.  Let's just say that I am happy that my parents were nothing like them.
I must point out though, that it all worked out in the end.  I hope that the two teens are still walking the straight and narrow path in their lives.
Here is the episode link, if you have an hour to spare and if you have the heart to view it.
I give you Nathan and Nicole....she actually opens bottles by removing the caps/stoppers with her teeth!


  1. Your cake and pie look delish! I love to bake, too. A week won't change a kids behavior if he goes right back to the same parents that enabled him to grow up rotten to begin with. The parents need as much help as the kids.

    1. Yes, the parents should also have to attend some kind of parental rehab while the kids are away.
      Amazingly I still have some tart and cake left today.

  2. I'm always very sceptical about programmes like that. I've also managed to avoid watching any either in this country or New Zealand where it and similar programmes seem popular. I have, however seem excerpts. The pineapple cake sounds delicious. I don't really have a sweet tooth and rarely eat puddings except when with friends but I'd certainly give that a taste.

    1. I did get to wondering whether some of the episode was scripted, because it seemed to me like a week would not have worked in these cases. The ending too seemed penned for tv. I like reality shows, but only certain kinds....those that are believable.
      You are probably one of the very very few Geminians who don't have a sweet tooth.
      The pineapple cake is just a regular cake mix with a can of crushed pineapple tossed in...delish!

    2. Don't wortry - I've got GB's sweet tooth! When I'm staying with him he even creates desserts especially for greedy me.

    3. Desserts created specially for you? My what a nice brother you have!!!

  3. I like to bake my favorite sugarless carrot banana cake in muffin cases and then freeze them and defrost as needed. I have watched that show before - it seems as though a lot of kids I see these days need more discipline and structure.

  4. Your sugarless carrot banana cake sounds delicious....I could have a muffin right now.
    Is it a quick bread recipe with the carrots and bananas thrown in?
    I may take some time out and view a couple more episodes of the show later in the month.


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