Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I spy with my little eye...

....something beginning with "M"

Something beginning with "BM"
Oh darn, those blasted monkeys are a real PITA.
 The monkeys were up to mischief this evening. Running along the wall and swinging on the tree limbs, then the gazebo and then the trellis. Deliberately sitting on the wall for a lengthy period, making sure that BrownBerts saw them....they were just taunting him.
Poor Brownie was very agitated because he could not have a go at them.
It was safer to lock him on the patio than have him chasing after them and hurting his foot again.
He was NOT pleased.


  1. A catapult. That's the answer. Filled with dried peas.

  2. GB, you are the second person to make that suggestion. A couple of years ago, my friend was willing to loan me a "guttaperk" to send small pebbles in their direction.
    From my archery days, I think I could have made contact, but they're so devious, they will return fire with fire, if they saw me.
    They have thrown mangoes and other fruit at me previously. I was not willing to take that chance, since their aim may be far better than mine.


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