Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Can you tell what I'm up to???
We need to make all preparations as quietly as possible......it has to be a surprise.

-One pretty bath towel
-One bar of coconut soap
-Hose with water warmed from the brilliant sunshine

Now let's find the main character in this script....nowhere to be found...how does he know?
I'll have to bide my time and wait until he shows his face again.

Later on in this story:
The sun came out in full force today....a perfect day for a B-A-T-H for you know who. The entire morning went by, and it was almost lunch time....still no sign of Mr. Brown Berts.
Finally, he came to investigate the reason why I was sitting on the porch step, and I told him I was waiting on him so I could give him a bath.  Not a foot did he budge, but stood quite calmly and had a nice warm bath. After the final rinse, he was ready to run and roll in the dirt. I had to be vigilant to keep him from doing so.
"Shake!" I cried, and immediately I was showered almost from head to toe.
"Shake again!" This he did with such exuberance that I had to dry myself with his towel.
"Last time, shake!"  He obediently did so.
A good rub down with the towel, and he was oh-so-happy with himself.
Dogs are the happiest creatures on earth after a bath.

  Every single plant on the patio had to be rubbed up against
Toes and feet had to be licked meticulously
Afterwards, it was time for lunch....

.......and a play date with some friends.

Followed by an afternoon siesta for both of us.
I am thankful for any day that is graced with sunshine....no matter how little....I'll take it!!


  1. After 4 or 5 days of rain, wind and cloud I'd love some sun too. However this morning there's no rain and the wind has dropped so the midges are hell. Bring back the wind! It's difficult to please me sometimes so far as the weather is concerned.

    Spesh's dog Briagha actually jumps into her tub when it's bathtime. I always thought dogs disliked baths. Mr B looks well pleased though.

  2. Brownie really doesn't mind a bath, it's just that if he sees the preparations, he gets other ideas.
    Sorry your weather is not cooperating., hopefully it will settle back down soon.
    Please don't get me started on the midges (sandflies, ning nings here), they're awful creatures. I have no idea what their purpose in life is supposed to be.

  3. Your dog is lovely. Like it's fur. Woh, so many toys. My Muffin's toys normally last for a few months. He will then start to destroy it by breaking it into pieces.

    1. Brownie has about seven toys in all, but he mostly plays with the three stuffed ones that are pictured.
      I never gave my dogs stuffed toys before he came along. I have always had more than one dog, so sometimes I think he's lonely with no other dogs to talk to, so I gave him more toys to play with.
      Muffin is smart. He probably gets tired of his toys and breaks them apart,so he can get new ones.

  4. I hope the plants he was rubbing against were sweet smelling! Looks like a pot of mint would be good in that area!

    1. I don't have any sweet smelling plants on the patio because of my sinuses.
      In the photo, Brownie is rubbing against some kind of aloe succulent plant, which ended up having several broken pieces on the floor when he was finished.
      I have mint growing in my herb garden though.


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