Saturday, 16 November 2013

A week of sunshine

Finally a week of sunshine to get my delayed gardening chores completed.
Lots of trees and shrubs were trimmed, grass was cut, and guess what.....the garbage collection guys actually came out early Friday morning and took away all the bagged trimmings.....happy dance.
I also discovered a weed killer that kills only the weeds in the lawn and not the grass new spray can was on the job again.  I really don't like using the chemicals but it's sometimes necessary until things are back under control.

I also had a chat with my neighbour in the back and we've decided to keep the area devoid of all bush due to the robberies that have just occurred.  I cleared the overgrown path that leads to the quarry which will make it easier for us to dump all the debris over the edge of the quarry when we're finished debushing the area.
By the time we have completed that project Brazen and company will have no kind of shrubbery to relax in and should move on to other areas.
As per doctor's orders I'm having oats for breakfast to help correct the cholesterol problem that has just surfaced.
I'm still trying to wrap my head around how does a vegetarian like me end up with a cholesterol problem.

A nice steamy hot bowl of oats with a squirt of honey and apple slices.

Brownie still has a couple more days to go on his medication.  Here he is jumping up to say hello while I lay on the couch watching the news after lunch.

Yesterday afternoon, my friend came by to help me dig out the old palm tree roots outside the grass verge entrance.  They were all dried up but still tough for me to dig out.  It took a little while to get the job done because my nosy neighbours kept on coming by to say "hello" and to investigate and share their opinion on the process.  I never bother them when they're working on any of their outdoor projects, but mine seem to be fair game for them to be malicious.....every single time.

The robber has been spotted in the neighbourhood again....a young man wearing a hoodie and a backpack to put his stolen treasures in. He operates during the day it seems, and everyone is on edge.
Spoke to another friend today, and he said to me, "Don't get down there in your own house and be frighten of no punk, give me  a call when he shows up at your place, I will deal with him."
Told him I'm not afraid, just wary, because he seems determined to hit every single house in the neighbourhood......he'd better be very careful not to choose my home.

No Saturday jaunt for me today.....spent the morning cutting grass out in the back garden and the afternoon indoors cleaning.....I am a very tired bunny tonight.


  1. I do hope that you remain safe from this robber.

    1. I wouldn't worry too much GB, we're all on the lookout for him.....he basically has the entire neighbourhood watching out for him. From the comments I've heard from the other neighbours, he'd better stay away from this neck of the woods from now on, if he knows what's good for him....I'll say no more.

  2. It is good that all the neighbours are watching out for the robber. Stay safe. I spent the whole day Sunday cleaning the house inside and then washing all the windows. Not something I look forward to, but it does look nice now.

    1. Thanks, we'll be okay especially after we catch him.
      I have my windows to clean too and my curtains to change for the upcoming Christmas season. I'm still working on outdoor projects though, so I'll get around to my windows early next month.


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