Sunday, 17 November 2013

And they're off.....

I heard the excited twittering this morning immediately after I opened my bedroom window.
Reminded me of a small child on a bike riding free for the first time and squealing "Look Mum I can do it!!!"

 Empty nest
Upon further investigation, I was happy to see that the young hummingbirds had flown the nest and were flitting from branch to branch, and then flying off by themselves into yon and yonder. The excitement of their tweets rang throughout the early morning air.
Mum sat not too far away on a swaying palm frond looking on and keeping close watch.

I had never seen a hummingbird at rest before, and it was quite interesting to watch.

Keeping a very close eye on her new offspring

One little baby hummingbird at rest between the palm fronds twittering merrily away.
It's amazing, at least to me, how fast they have learned to fly.  They were just wrapped up in a cocoon-like nest a few days ago being mouth-fed by their mama.  Now they were sailing through the air with wild abandon.  Very impressive.
Isn't nature grand???


  1. How exciting, but what a precarious place for a nest. She's lucky you didn't have really strong winds while the chicks were tiny. That palm frond looks like it wouldn't have held much longer.

    1. My thought exactly .......why she built her nest on a swaying frond easily exposed to predators.
      What I didn't mention in my post was that I used some clothespins to secure the palm frond on to another one that was more hidden.

  2. Yes, Virginia, nature is wonderful. Hummingbirds are so so beautiful.

    1. Once we're in tuned to our surroundings it's quite easy to pick out new sounds and new plants and species.
      Nature IS wonderful.


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