Thursday, 21 November 2013

Always expect the unexpected

All week I'd been trying really hard to accomplish several chores, in order that I could go out for a jaunt today and join my girlfriends at an auction sale.....but it was not to be.
I awoke early as usual and took care of some household chores, had a shower, dressed and was out the door.
As soon as I entered the garage and said "hi" to Beast....(yes, I do that), I realised that he had a flat tyre on his rear left side.
Now I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again... the reason why I love my Beast so much and have held on to him for so many years is because he looks out for me.  He would never ever have had a flat tyre on the road.....any ailment on his part he always brings me home safely and then gets sick.  This morning was no exception.

To make matters worse, I discovered that someone had hit my front bumper on the same left side.
I have no idea how or when it occurred.  The last time I drove Beast to the market was probably when the "someone" did the deed.  People are so dishonest these days.  This is damage that I will have to fix myself.
In the photo above, you can get a glimpse of my friend who came by to help me change the tyre.
He also gave me a ride to my favourite tyre repair shop since my spare didn't look too reliable.
He could not understand why I wanted to visit the tyre shop "on the highway", but I told him that they provide good service and when they fixed  a tyre it was properly aches and pains afterwards like at some other tyre shops, where the tyre magically deflates the following day or some other problem surfaces with the tyre.

My favourite tyre repair shop has a long bench to sit and wait and watch tv while your tyre is being repaired.

I kid you not, I was there all of five minutes.  My tyre needed a new valve and it was installed so quickly that I didn't even realise that the repair guy was finished until he rolled the tyre out to me and announced, "It done! You good to go!!"

Quick efficient and reasonable service....gotta love it.
Back home where my friend replaced my tyre and it was all good.
Thanks to Vincent and his crew.....thanks guys....I will always drive to your shop "on the highway"....always.


  1. I like a story with a happy ending :)

    1. Happy ending indeed...the saga to fix the dented bumper.


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