Wednesday, 20 November 2013


This morning started out with dark clouds and a downpour of rain that hid the entire horizon and obliterated the harbour and the city environs.
The rain came in off the sea which is not unusual for this time of year.
Despite the rainfall, I was still able to make out the Carnival Valor cruise liner making its way into the port......after all, today was Wednesday, where else would she be, but here?

Carnival Valor
I watched for a few minutes while she berthed safely, and then as if waiting for a cue, the sun broke out from behind the clouds with such intense heat, that I was amazed.
In "two twos" the ground was dry and the leaves on the plants were no longer glistening with raindrops, so I took a walk outside with you know who.

The crotons were flowering

My special heliconias were also putting on a show.
I could not ignore my neighbour's ixora in full splendour.....isn't that a gorgeous pink?
After our quick walk and a nice breakfast, I settled down to some indoor chores and Brownie settled down for a chit chat with his two mouse friends.

Old friend (no limbs, no tail, no eyes, no whiskers) Mousee, and Big Blue Rat.
I have no idea what he says to them before he starts biting them and then licking them and then another round of biting, and more chit chat....wish I knew always makes me laugh.

 Stir-fried veggie rice with chicken and salad adorned with the yummy Chick Fil-A sauce that traveled home with me from VA.....who's laughing now?????
Mr. BrownBerts enjoyed his lunch too, and settled down for his afternoon siesta with a full tummy.

A nice day indeed.


  1. Looks like it will be a beautiful day after the rain.
    I think Brownie's just letting them know he's the boss. They have to be told you know.

    1. Brownie and his pals seem to have it sorted out amongst themselves. I think the toys refuse to squeak when he bites them up
      The day turned out to be quite beautiful after the rain.

  2. Love the colour of that Ixora. We've been having some rain lately here too. It seems as if the wet season has arrived early, but it certainly hasn't come in with a bang just yet. The days in between the showers are excruciatingly humid and hot. Definitely summer weather.

    1. I know about the heat of which you speak Bernie.....we've been having some really hotttt days, even though this time of year the temperatures start to cool off.
      You can't be outside after 9am if not you're covered in sweat in no time if you're working in the garden.
      That means you have to try going outside later in the evening, but that time is limited because now the days get darker earlier.

  3. Mr B actually looks like he's smiling in the last photo.

  4. Yes, he does, doesn't he? He is a very happy dog.....he should have a lot to smile about.


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