Saturday, 23 November 2013

Saturday at 7

After all the rain that we had been having during the past few months, the accumulation of black mold was everywhere.  This could easily cause a nasty fall when wet with its slippery surface on the driveway.  It was time to get it cleaned.

Our family is quite close, and when I mentioned my project to one of the younger family members earlier this week, he immediately said that he would come over and help me with my task.
"Saturday at 7," he said.
"Are you sure?" I asked (For I know the younger folk love to party after work on Fridays.)
"Yes," I'll be there," he replied.

The last time I cleaned the driveway, I was clothed in a rain poncho, and despite my special haute couture for that occasion I still ended up covered with debris all over.....I was glad for the offer to clean it this time around.

Seven o'clock found me outside trimming back my crotons and sweeping the walkway at the side of the house.
Seven-thirty, and I was raking cut grass from the lawn.
Eight o'clock and I was cleaning around the golden palms at the front of the house, which included removing the spent palm frond with the hummingbird nest that had been vacated.
Eight-fifteen, and my helper pulled up.  He did not want to keep too much noise in the neighbourhood too early he told me.  I told him that my neighbours are up and about very early.  There were already two of them outside mowing their lawns.
Out came the pressure washer....a Honda GX 2000 which worked like smooth.....and made quick work of the area.

I was impressed and since I'm in the market for a pressure washer, I may look into one like that.
Worked like butter I tell you.
A full tank held Bds$10.00 (US$5.00) and did quite a bit of cleaning.....I was VERY impressed.

Well it being Saturday, and with Beast all ready and able to go, I took a quick jaunt out to the supermarket to recycle my bottles, and to visit the plant nursery for my special philodendron plant that I said I would return for.
I had also lost a croton plant earlier this year, so I bought a small replacement as well.
The nursery was filled with folks making their early Christmas plant much so, that I was amazed at the few remaining philodendrons to choose from.

Back home, I fed Brownie and myself quickly, and then took a quick rest before heading outside again to finish cleaning up.

Crash!! Bang!!   Garbage bins were being thrown back against the to my ears, the garbage collection crew came out this evening after not showing up yesterday.
A great end to a tiring day.


  1. I sometimes wonder how we managed without half the modern gadgets we have. Pressure washers make life so much easier.

  2. Yes, modern gadgets are great, and I'm happy that I'm around to enjoy them.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I find a good pressure washer at a sale soon.


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