Monday, 4 November 2013

Flu blues

Yes, I've got the flu....the achy, bone hurting, groggy head, painful eye sockets kind of flu.
I got rained on Friday after visiting with my girlfriend who was just getting over the flu virus as well.
I don't know why I seem to think that I'm invincible in my old age.
I've been chilling out in bed....achy....achy....achy.
Food has no taste, not even a piece of KitKat chocolate....that should tell you something.

I'm all drugged up on medication which I hate taking....
Panadol Multi-symptom Cold and Flu tablets - Non drowsy formula

My boy Brownie is still keeping an eye on the house and on me as well....

Brown Berts on double duty

I'm still drinking herb teas as well.

If you don't see me for a couple of days, I'll be in bed trying to get better.  You know how I hate lying in bed doing's driving me crazy.


  1. Oh sorry to hear you have the flu. My hubby and I had it for weeks.... I found hot lemon juice with grated ginger and honey great for relieving that blocked up feeling. Hope you feel better soon, in the meantime rest is good...

    1. Thank goodness I'm feeling so much better today, and I'm up and about again.
      The flu is surely an awful thing to have but it makes you stop and think and appreciate your health so much more.

  2. I hope you shake off the bug quickly and are up and about. Good to know that the house is under Brownie's control while you are laid low.

    1. Hi Marisa, I am glad to see you checking in....I was hoping you were okay.
      I'm feeling much better today, and I seem to have shaken the bug faster this time around (less than a week).
      How are your studies going? How are your two cuties doing?
      Brownie did a great job while I was laid up.....what would we do without them?


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