Monday, 25 November 2013

Traffic Jam

Today, I had to leave home to run some errands.
Even though we are a small island, we have lots of traffic for the 280,000 inhabitants that live here, and I find it necessary to conduct my business in what I call "off-peak" hours so as to avoid being stuck in traffic.
Today, I thought I was doing just that, but I was wrong.......wrong....wrong.
The hardware store I needed to visit was not far away, so after my supermarket shopping I headed there.
I found myself stuck in mile long traffic at 10 o'clock in the morning, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why.  Work and school traffic should have been gone a long time ago, and it didn't appear to be an accident up why the painfully slow moving traffic?
As the traffic continued to crawl slowly along, I finally saw what the cause of the slowdown was.

The Barbados Water Authority workers were still on strike outside their Manor Lodge offices.
The unionized workers walked off the job last week Thursday (Nov 21st) after management failed to conclude negotiations on increments for staff, among other things.

Of course the union is now involved, and a spokesman for the BWA has stressed that service to the public will not be disrupted....we shall see about that.


  1. If there is to be no disruption then what pressure is there on the employers? You shall, as you said, see about that!

  2. I think the payment office is still open for the public to pay their bills.
    The only thing I worry about are burst water mains.....water is such a precious commodity, and the water will be wasted if they refuse to come out to conduct repairs.
    The union will probably call out all of its registered members to fight this battle.


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