Friday, 8 November 2013

Back to regular programming

Did you miss me?   I missed me.
Wow....I just don't know how folks enjoy lying in bed all day long....that was hard work for me just trying to keep quiet and get some rest with the flu bug for all those days.
Drove me batty it's just not for me.  And would you know it, the entire week I was ill, not a drop of rain in sight....days hot and bright.....and the garden suffered.
Today is one week since I became sick, and thank goodness....YES.....thank goodness I felt so much better today.
Not wanting to push my body too much, I decided a healthy dose of morning sunshine would do the trick to "sun away" the remnants of the bug.
Of course being sick for a week, my neighbours knew something was not right because my grass verge was like no man's land.
"Is everything okay?  I saw the grass looking very tall, and I know that's not you," one said politely in a concerned telephone call.
"Just getting over the flu," I told her, "I'll have it taken care of by weekend," I assured her.
This morning was just the right time to get the garden whipped back into shape.
Not only that, but during my sickness, the neighbourhood had had two robberies.  Gosh I'm down for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose.
Time to get some shrubs cut back  so that any intruders can be seen easily.
My golden palms along the front patio were the first to face the music.

See how thick they had become? much better
 Trimming merrily along, I suddenly came across this odd looking thing hidden between the fronds.

Admittedly, I was scared at first, since it did resemble some large bug.

Upon closer inspection, I saw it move, and then two mouths appeared.

Two very hungry mouths

A hummingbird nest with two babies.
I saw the mama bird flitting around as I was cleaning up the cut fronds.  She looked quite anxious, but I'm sure she finally realised that I hadn't done any damage to her young ones.
Of course my bodyguard kept me under surveillance to make sure I was okay.

We shall now return you to our scheduled's so GOOD to be feeling better again.


  1. I'm so glad you are better. You did it all while I was in transit from one life to the next (and, no, I'm just talking about the other side of this earth not The Other Side) so I missed it. I'm so sorry. There are few things as horrible as a proper dose of flu. I've had it three times in my life: the last the year I had my heart attack. I've had a flu jab for ever since and, thankfully, have avoided a recurrence.

    1. Thank goodness you haven't traveled to The Other Side....
      Last year was the first year that I caught the flu after many many years of being immune to it.
      I don't like flu jabs since there is still the possibility of catching it .....I'll have to work on my immune system more in the months leading up to November (I was sick in November last year too), that's my plan for now.
      Glad you arrived safely back in the fun begins.


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