Saturday, 30 November 2013

Independence Day 2013

Happy Independence Barbados!!

Today, my island Barbados celebrates it's 47th year of Independence, when we broke away from British colonial rule and took over the ship to guide our own destiny.
I didn't attend the official parade or other celebratory events because I preferred to spend my day out visiting friends and their beautiful gardens.
What better way for a gardener to spend Independence Day?
Hope you had a good one.


  1. Having been brought up in the 'Mother Country' it's a bit strange trying to relate to independence. At least it was. Now, of course, I have lived for nearly 40 years in a country which feels it has been subsumed into another (I'm referring, of course to Scotland not New Zealand) and I have a better understanding.

    1. I was a little girl when we became independent, and so for most of my life "I have been independent."
      I have an independent spirit and only rely/depend on persons when I can't handle something on my own.
      Our island becoming independent left quite an impression on lots of folks especially one author who wrote a book "Growing up Stupid under the Union Jack."


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