Monday, 28 September 2015

A date with my friend the Moon

I had a special date last night...a date with a special friend that lights up my life every night.
My date had sent me a special invitation to see him in all his glory in the performance of his life.
"I will be conducting my Super Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon display for the whole world to see.  You have to attend this special performance, my partners the Sun and the Earth will also be performing, I couldn't do it without them. I haven't performed this show since 1982 and  I won't be doing it again until 2033," he told me.
Wow I was impressed, I couldn't wait to attend.
All week long the anticipation was killing me, several reminders popped into my Inbox like this one.
My friend The Moon did not disappoint.

On stage at the scheduled time, he began his show and dance number as a Super Moon (bigger and brighter and closer to Earth than usual), displaying his creativity and talent for all to see.
At first he started out slow as if shy, but then as the eclipse show progressed, he burst into a resplendent blood red hue which held my gaze for a while.
 Super Blood Moon - a rare astronomical event

The bright twinkling stars in the sky were his backup dancers but tonight they paled in comparison.
By the time it was all over, he was back to his usual self.
 What a show!!!  Outstanding!!!   Bravo!!! Bravo!!
The link below will explain how special this performance was.,AAAAQBxUOok~,jSZP67EiqBfkIeiCdBewgHg1-uVWQxpS

To see pictures of the Blood Moon around the world click here.


  1. Ah - I missed that... It was in the middle of the night here I think (3 am or something).

  2. My son and I drove over to the Callanish Standing stone hoping to see the eclipse at about 3.20am. I think it was the only place in Britain where it couldn't be seen. I'm happy for you that you saw it though.

    1. Oh that's a pity GB...The Callanish Stones would have made a perfect back drop.

  3. I missed the red part, but I did see a lot of the eclipse! I got out of bed a few times to check it out! I am surrounded by trees and never see a sunrise, sunset, or moonrise.

    1. It's still good that you saw some of the eclipse....sorry about the trees in the way.
      I guess I've got a lot to be thankful for living on a hill with unobstructed views.
      Though with me being a "piece" of tomboy I would probably find myself climbing a tree to see a sunrise or sunset.


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