Sunday, 13 September 2015


Brazen and his crew are growing in numbers.
Yesterday, one of his female members came out to show off her newborn baby....I didn't even realise that she was pregnant.....gosh another one added to the troop, soon their numbers will be back up to what it was before.
Always full of mischief, one of the youngsters took great care that I saw him climb down the Japanese fern tree and snatch my only flowering orchid off its branch and threw it on the beautiful purple orchid.  I pretended not to care, I didn't want him to know how much I had been enjoying its beauty everyday and that he had hurt me by damaging it.  They're very spiteful creatures and he would go after my other favourite plants as well.

As I have stated before, our Bajan monkeys all have the same bad habit....they pick a fruit, bite it and casually discard it.
My neighbour's mango tree is laden with mangoes....huge mangoes....Brazen and crew are having a good time.
This means that the mangoes are too big for them to carry.
They ran through the garden yesterday morning and dropped a half-eaten mango.
The birds soon discovered its presence.

The sparrows came first
Then came the doves.

Heck, they all gathered around and shared the happy meal. 
No bickering, no squabbling, no grabbing, no chasing each other away.

They all ate throughout the day.

By evening, it was well pecked........
...........with hardly any left.
If the birds know how to share with each other, why can't we as mankind share with each other and make this a better world?


  1. You've reminded me that I need to go and feed the birds. It's gale force winds this morning after three fine days. I'm not sure that the starlings here are quite so sharing. I have one starling that will spend ages just defending the bird feeders against all comers but he spends all his time doing that so can't actually eat anything. Perhaps he's just a renegade.

    1. A renegade starling....sounds like a real character, I'd have to videotape him in action.

  2. I agree Virginia -- We should just take what we need and leave the rest for the next person like the birds, not grab what we can and throw away what we don't want like the monkeys.

    I'm glad we don't have monkeys here. What a pain.

    1. Oh boy the monkeys are a pain, especially during the drought when they find it hard to source their meals.
      They come out earlier in the mornings now and retire later in the evening....I wish they'd move away.
      Brownie barks uncontrollably now until he starts to cough....I usually have to lift him back inside and close the door until they go away.


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