Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Posh Gosh

Republic Bank at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre

One day last week (maybe Thursday), I decided to skip the lines of my city bank and try a branch on the outskirts instead.
I found myself at the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre branch, and boy oh boy was I in for a treat.
As I have written before, Limegrove is situated on the Platinum coast of the island....the coast of the rich and the famous.
From the outside of the building it just looked as if I were entering a bank away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of the city.
Surprise! Surprise! When I stepped up to the entrance door, it was swished open by a well dressed guard with impeccable manners.
"Good Morning Ma'am!"
Upon my word I almost fainted, not only the warm greeting but he continued, "How are you today? What business will you be transacting with us today?"
When I told him just a deposit, he walked over to the service  number dispenser and handed me a plastic number....no machine dispensing paper numbers my friends, but a nice plastic number that felt good in my hand and made me feel as I was coming to do some serious banking business.
Next he ushered me to the lobby waiting area.
I could not believe my eyes.
No lines or roped up queues in this bank my friends...no no noooo!!!
I was not allowed to take photos, but picture this if you will.
An entire lobby (where the queue would normally be) filled with several large seagrass chairs adorned with comfortable plush cushions and pillows.  A big screen tv on the wall (newscast on) not loud but just barely audible not to be disturbing.
Cool colours on the walls, nice lighting, as well as several potted plants in metal pots with hammered patterns all gave a zen-like atmosphere.
Customers like myself were sitting and relaxing awaiting their number to be called.
I almost felt as if at any minute I would be served a cup of Earl Grey tea and crumpets with clotted cream.
I could not help but look around and take it all in.
In the ATM area were two ambient pendant lights with one hanging directly above the little table used to fill out deposits.
Soon my number was called and the guard appeared beside me, and said "It's your turn Ma'am," with a smile.
As I approached the smiling teller I realised that all the guys were smartly dressed in suits and ties.
Oh dear be still my heart...well dressed tellers who were ready and happy to serve me with a smile....what more could I ask for?
My transaction was completed in a timely manner and then I was asked "Is there anything else I can help you with today Ma'am?"
Wow, "No thanks." I said.
"Okay have a good day Ma'am."
"You too," I replied and headed out the door after looking around just one last time.
I think I like this posh gosh bourgeoisie branch...like Arnold says "I'll be back!"


  1. Come and live on Lewis and waiting for a teller (most of whom I've known since they were youngsters) is a pleasant and social occasion. The problem is that with modern on-line banking I don't need to go into the branch very often.

    1. I've written about our hilarious queues we have here, and that was definitely missing at this branch.
      Online banking is fine for some things but sometimes I just have to go to the bank to conduct business.
      Especially with cheques....I want to make sure they are okay before I deposit them and then find out later they were no good and have to pay bank fees when they are returned.


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