Sunday, 6 September 2015

Another friend with benefits

On Friday, my girlfriend who lives in the north of the island popped by to say hello.
In her hand was a basket....a basket filled to the brim with sweet juicy mangoes.
 Every year, her mango trees produce some of the sweetest mangoes, and I am always happy to receive them.
To my amazement as soon as she walked through the door, she made a beeline to the kitchen sink, selected three mangoes from the basket, along with a knife from the drawer, and proceeded to "enjoy" the mangoes in a delirious state.
"Oh gosh, these mangoes so dam sweet, I just can't resist!" she cried with her mouth full to capacity.
It was a sight to behold, my crazy girlfriend leaning over the kitchen sink slurping mango juice and her only audible words between her gulps were "ooh la la," or "Gosh these so sweet."
I should have taken a photo....but alas I didn't, but I'm sure you get the picture.
Daughter dear came by in the afternoon and she took some of the mangoes home with her.

Sunday mornings are always laid back and breakfast is a meditative experience....welcoming the day in an unhurried rush to do anything.
Brownie and I just finished our breakfast...lovely fresh mango slices from the last mango.
My plate on the left and Brownie's cleanly licked "don't need to wash bowl" on the right. 
When I had my bow wow crew they would also eat the skins thinly sliced, but not this boy.
I can't believe all the mangoes gone!!!
Auntie Helen I hope you coming back to visit soon!!

What's a guy supposed to do now that all the mangoes are gone?  Get some sleep I guess.
I hope this friend with benefits knows she has to bring me more mangoes.


  1. I wish I had friends with mangoes. They're so expensive here there is no way I'd share them with Miss Dog.

    1. What? Missy is missing out on mangoes...wish I could send you some.

  2. They are a lovely fruit but after an unfortunate incident with one (don't ask) I haven't been able to eat a fresh one for many years.

    1. Oh dear so sorry to hear but I hope you may one day be able to enjoy them again.

  3. I love mangos too. Awesome to have a whole basket, although it looks as though everyone else got their fair share too!


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