Thursday, 24 September 2015

Open your ear and hear

That saying has been said many times over and over by the actors in the African movies that I became addicted to many years ago.
For the past few days my sweet boy Brownie had been shaking his ears so violently that I thought his head would fall off.
He would be okay and then all of a sudden he would just start this wild shaking of his ears, as if he were trying to dislodge a bug that may be inside.
I cleaned both ears and checked them both but nothing came to light.
I know ear mites move around more at night but he was shaking during the day as well.
My vet is an old-school vet and in the past he had recommended Mineral Oil to be placed in Brownie's ears if he started scratching his ears....the oil suffocates the always didn't this time though.
Brownie then started trying to get his entire foot into his ear while he was scratching his ears....he looked miserable.
Ear infections are not to be played around with...they can result in deafness if not treated properly.
It was a nasty itch that's for sure....I'd had enough and I'm sure he had too.
Today we took a ride down to see our favourite vet.
 Are you sure I'm just going to have my ears checked?

This building looks so different...are you sure we're the right place?

...and those animal statues atop the wall....are you really sure Mum?
Yes Brownie, we are at the right place...remember there is a new building now.

I lifted him out of the vehicle and headed inside to our usual warm welcome.
We waited our turn with four playful puppies and a cute little dog that had sprained its back.
The good old doc checked Brownie's ears thoroughly...he didn't see anything in there but they were a bit red from all the scratching.
He prescribed an antibiotic ointment....and the first dose was applied immediately.
Otomax ointment is a combination steroid, antibacterial, and antifungal ear medication labeled for otic use in dogs only.
Prescribed twice a day for 7 days.
I figured since we were already there I'd have the anal glands expressed as well....easy peasy.
No sooner than the bill was paid did many more patients arrive in dire need of medical attention.
 ...and so the good doc hustled back inside....
....after turning to wave us goodbye.

Until next time.


  1. Poor old Mr Brown. I hope the treatment works well for him. Missy is quite deaf now (from old age). She can't hear anyone coming up behind her or when you call her anymore. Until a year ago she could here a cupboard open from the back yard.

    1. The treatment does seem to be working for Mr.Brown and I'm happy about that.
      So sorry to hear about Misty, my older dogs went blind with age and also lost some of their acute hearing as well.
      I'm sure Misty still has some great "smellers" and will detect that there is food around with her's amazing how good their senses are.

  2. I just finished the same treatment for my puppy, Duvet. Now he seems fine although knowing how much to squirt into each ear so that the tube of ointment lasts for seven days is a bit worrying, isn't it?

    I used to have German Shepherd dogs who had to have their ears cleaned out under anesthesia every couple of years because running through the woods, they would get all kinds of seeds and buds from the flowers and grasses deep into their upstanding ears.

    1. Hello Peace Thyme Garden and Weather Station, thanks for dropping by.
      You are so right about the correct amount to squirt into the ears with that tube. I was given two tubes to last for the 7days....maybe because Brownie is a bigger dog.
      We had a German Shepherd (Commando) when I was growing up and he too would have to be kept careful watch where his ears were concerned, I had never seen a hematoma before Commando had one on his ear which I watched the vet lance and bandage.
      Hope your puppy Duvet will continue to enjoy good health.

  3. I feel for Mr Brownie: anything wrong with one's ears is horrible. I hope it clears up quickly.

    1. So far the treatment is working well, and I think he'll be okay, since he could still hear me carefully unwrapping a pkg of vanilla wafer cookies in my room which was well away from where he


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