Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thankful Thursday

I don't usually write a Thankful Thursday post but today I need to....I have so much to be thankful for today.
It's almost a year ago that Steve left us but he lives with us every single day.
Today I thank God for his mercies and his tender loving care and for protecting my daughter from harm.
Early in the wee morning hours (around 3.30am to be exact) someone tried to break into her dad's home where she now resides as she lay sleeping.
Thank goodness she was roused awake from a deep slumber (I just know it was her dad) to be able to realise what was happening before it was too late.
The intruder ran off when she shouted at him.
This story could have had a different ending, but like I said, I am so very very thankful that she is okay....a bit shook up, but definitely okay.


  1. Glad your daughter is OK. On the first Christmas after my Mum died, just as the family sat down for lunch, "Amazing Grace" came on the TV left on in another room. Not only was it one Mum's favourite songs, but it was the one she asked to be played at her funeral. It convinced me that Mum still watches over us. So pleased your daughter has the same with her Dad.

    1. You know what is uncanny, my daughter actually had a dream about the incident a few weeks before (she told me about it)....she dreamed of her dad waking her up from sleeping and then she saw a dark shadow at the window.
      Your Mum's "Amazing Grace" was surely a clue that she is always with you. I too feel my mum's presence sometimes especially when I have difficult decisions to make.

  2. What a horrible experience for anyone to have to go through but I'm so glad that her dad was looking after her. I hope that you will both remain safe to experience many many more Thankful Thursdays.

    1. Thanks GB for your kind wishes.
      Nat will never be separated from her dad .....not even in spirit.....he is always around....I sense him here quite a lot too.

  3. I am very sorry your daughter had to experience such a frightful event. I don't know what I would do if something like that happened to me. I know I would be scared to death. Heartwarming that her father was looking out for her. I truly am a believer!

    1. Hello Galestorm (like your name), thank you for dropping by and for your kind sentiments.
      Even though it was a frightful experience, my daughter is a tough cookie and handled herself quite well.
      Her dad loved her immensely and he will continue to look out for her....this I do believe.


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