Monday, 7 September 2015

Batts Rock Beach again - The Stone Sculptures

The last time I visited Batts Rock Beach on a beautiful Sunday morning, I had my companion Brownie with me, however yesterday morning's visit I was all alone.

The beach is at the bottom of a wooded hill which looks rather forlorn on the drive down, but when you arrive at the end of the sloping road and emerge from under the dark canopy of trees you are rewarded with sparkling blue water that knocks you back for six.

The beach was already full of beach goers enjoying themselves swimming, snorkeling, fishing and boating on the vibrant ribbon of blue speckled with sunlight flecks.
The sand still had some remnants of the sargassum seaweed that has plagued our beautiful beaches for months. 
 The sand also had other interesting "things" lying around.
  Wait a minute......
 .....for a second I thought Brownie had stowed away in the jeep when I saw these paw prints.
I was "killing some time" while my pc techie friend who lives nearby completed some updating programs on my tablet and laptop.
I had heard about "the stone sculptures" and wanted to see them for myself.

Some parts of the beach are littered with coral stones worn smooth by the sea, a wide selection to choose from. 
 As I walked along the many stones, I thought I spied something in the distance.

Yes, the first sculptures on the upper level of the beach above the tide line came into view.
Clambering up the small incline, I found myself standing before these incredible pieces of art.
Wow....Someone with an amazing talent and patience had created these beautiful pieces on the sand.
They resembled a gathering of some sort almost like a village Town Hall meeting in the outdoors or maybe a group of just landed aliens with the tall one in the back saying "Take me to your leader."

I stood for a while in amazement looking at the detailed work.

But then curiosity got the best of me, I gingerly lifted a stone from the top of one of the sculptures and it lifted easily, no glue or binding agent to hold it together at all, yet it sat perfectly atop the sculpture....I replaced it carefully, and continued to stare in amazement.

 Each stone had been placed strategically to sit atop each other "just so" without tumbling over.
 Looking around the beach, I saw many more creations dotted all around the sand.

This one looks like giving someone the finger.

I began to wonder.
Who was this artist that had created these lovely rustic pieces on the beach?  Was he a regular beach goer or was he some wandering soul just sitting to rest under the shady trees and letting his creative mind take flight.
I did a little searching online and I found out that his name is Philip King, and it's a hobby.
Another blogger has written his story here....The man behind the stone
It was time to go....I retraced my steps and took a few last photos.

Yes Carl the abandoned steps are still there.

The lifeguard was on duty sitting reading his Sunday Sun newspaper.

As I climbed into Beast, I wondered when would be the next time I would have the chance to visit again....let's hope that the next time would be soon, and that I will have my companion in tow, although he may find it appropriate to christen all the beautiful stone pieces.....hmmmm....maybe not.


  1. Very cool! I love finding art in unexpected places. :o)

    1. Art in unexpected places is the best....if you read my friend Monica's blog Beyond the Lone Islands she has just written about an artist David Zinn with his art in unexpected places.

  2. They are really fascinating. Good to read the story too.

    1. I am hoping to go by one evening and meet him on the beach while he's creating these will be fun to chat with him.

  3. There are wonderful, and to read the story behind them as well.

    1. The story behind the artist's motivation was very I told GB above, I hope to meet him one evening at the beach while he is working.

  4. So fascinating and such beautiful creations. I was very happy to stumble upon him when I was at Batts Rock. Thanks for mentioning my post :)

    1. So nice of you to pop by are a lucky gal to have met Mr. King.
      My plan is to visit the beach one evening to see if I too can meet him.
      Loved your blog.

  5. Glad to find this page,some friends and i were wondering who is behind the stone sculptures, unfortunately the page you gave with the blog is not available...i would really love to know more about the artist...i like your page...very nice


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