Wednesday, 30 October 2013

When it's not one thing.....'s another.

I had been keeping my eye on a few areas on Brownie's skin that were not looking too right.
The area under his neck was coming along, but then I saw a few tiny spots appear on his front legs which he kept on licking.
He also began to carry out a strange ritual many times during the day and night.
Lying or sitting quietly, he would suddenly get up quickly as if stung and begin to roll vigorously on his back on the floor throwing his feet into the air.  It was quite quirky and a bit funny at first, but then I realised that he was actually trying to counteract something going on with his itch perhaps?
He did wriggle and squirm on his back  before but not with such intensity and ferocious abandon.

Brownie in "itchy back" mode

Time to call up my good friend Mr. Google to see what I was dealing with.
To my amazement several dogs were having the same symptoms as a result of problems with mange, yeast and fungal infections as well.
Next course of action, a visit to our friendly veterinarian.

In the vet's office I attempted to explain and demonstrate what Brownie was doing, and my vet was so impressed with my display that he said to me, "Do it again!!"
He is so funny.

After a quick weigh-in (19.1 lbs), he was declared to be "Too fat!" and needed to be on chow only.
Weight also determined the correct dosage of meds needed.
Diagnosis: A fungal infection.  Mr. BrownBerts is on meds for a month and a cream to be applied to the areas twice a day.
 Meds and cream for Brownie

 "A notepad for the other patient"

He slept right through the night and didn't once have the "itchy back" syndrome since his first tablet yesterday.
 My only problem now is how to distract him from licking the cream off after I have applied it, so that it gets a chance to do some good.


  1. Oh dear. Poor Mr Brownie. Please tell him that I wish him well. Oh and by the way just so that you know I have told the goldfish that I'm going away again but that they'll be in good hands. They didn't say much but I think they understood.

    1. Brownie says thanks for the well wishes. Don't worry too much about him, he's still eating like a horse, and running around barking at the neighbourhood cats and of course Brazen and crew....he'll be okay.
      The fish are going to miss you...glad you remembered to wish them adieu....believe me they understood.

  2. I have a fat dog, too. She always acts like she's starving but she's really just a little piglet. I hope Brownie leaves that cream alone and feels better soon. :o)

  3. Brownie is just being Brownie......he knows that the cream is to stay on his foot for his own good, but he can't make it that easy....oh no way!!!
    I will be buying back the Purina Healthy Weight Formula for him when this bag of chow is finished.


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