Monday, 3 March 2014

Monkey on my back

I seem to have a.......

.....monkey on my back

Hi, it's me Brownie.
I have a problem.... a very BIGGG problem. Mum has not been very helpful at all.
There is a "lady" who comes by to visit me every night recently.  She is a lovely brown colour with a sweet demeanour.   She is way bigger than I am and apparently has ran away from her home.
The first night she came by, I could smell her perfume outside, and it drove me crazy.  I ran all around and paced up and down and then proceeded to jump up and paw my Mum until she woke up.  I whined in her ears until she got up and let me out.
"Brownie what's all the fuss about?" she asked, but I was already out the door.
Usually I want to go outside during the night for a pit stop, but that night was so very different.
There "she" was outlined in the moonlight standing quite sedately on the freshly mowed lawn.
We greeted each other and then we started to play.  I don't have any other dog friends, so it was good to have a friend come over.
When Mum came out to get me after a few minutes when I didn't return, she was shocked to see my friend on the property.
"Brownie, you crazy dog....I can't believe there is an intruder on the property and you are playing with them instead of chasing them away!!  Come inside now!!!"
Mum chased my lady friend away....she was quite annoyed. I was ushered back into the house.

For the rest of the night I paced and whined, but Mum ignored my cries.
What's a dog to do?
This has been going on for several nights now, and every night my lady friend jumps our wall to check to see if I'm around.  I can smell her, but Mum refuses to let me outside during the night anymore.
I was so upset a couple of nights ago that I did my business in Mum's room to teach her a lesson.
She was depriving me of a basic right and I think she needs to be punished for her behaviour.
My lady friend has now taken to sleeping on the neighbour's front patio...they are traveling at present, and there is no one at home to send her on her way.
Mum continues to chase her away.  I don't think she wants to call the dog pound for her, but she did call around to check if anyone was missing a nice brown female dog.

"Brownie I have no idea where that dog came from ,and she looks in very good condition and not hungry either.  Who knows what diseases she may have?  I wish she would leave you alone."
But guess what, my lady friend seems to have the hots for me......I think I may be in love.
Mum would not allow me to spend any time with her, and I am totally frustrated.
So as I started out by saying....I have a monkey on my back.

Any suggestions how to get rid of it?

****"Monkeys" are frustrations, anger, worries, regrets.
 A constant burden.... a serious problem that will not go away.


  1. Oh dear, I hope you find out soon who owns this intruder.

    1. I have not seen her around for the past two days, perhaps she has made her way back home or has moved on to another prospective amour.

  2. Poor old Brownie. He'll forgive you eventually.
    Women can be fickle. Hopefully she'll find a new boyfriend and move on or her family will claim her and take her home.

    1. Poor old Brownie indeed. The amount of phone calls and emails that I received on his behalf is mind-boggling....he has a huge fan club who has his interest at heart.
      It seems his lady friend has moved on, I have not seen her for the past two days.

  3. I've been missing all the fun. I can't wait to see what happens next (if anything!).

  4. Nothing is happening next....even though Brownie won't agree with you about the "fun" part, I think it best that he remains a virgin for now.


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