Sunday, 27 October 2013

Back to normal

Did I say that things were back to normal??  Well they kinda are.

Garbage collection days are still at the whimsy of "who knows who."  Last Thursday at 4am I heard a rumbling and a crashing sound.....Yes I was already up, so I knew I wasn't dreaming.
Dashing outside quickly, I realised the garbage truck had just by-passed my house and my garbage had not been collected. 
Why you ask?  Well because my garbage was not outside awaiting collection, because our collection day is "supposedly" Friday, not Thursday.
There I was, in the pre-dawn hours chasing behind the garbage truck with my big bag of garbage.  When the guys saw me coming, the comedian in the group shouted, "Man yuh late!!!"  He took the bag from me and threw it into the back of the moving truck.  "Thanks!" I yelled back. "See you guys next week!"  "Yup, maybe Thursday, or another day!!" he laughed back.
Very funny....very very funny.

Do unexplained noises upset you?  They do for me.
My pc had been making a freaky noise for a little while since I got back. I then noticed that I kept on getting error messages that some program or another was not responding.  Drat!!!   I knew it was time to get my baby fixed.
Off to my pc guru, who located the problem (faulty power supply). The solution required a quick trip into the city to purchase a new 700w digital power supply which he promptly installed while I waited.  No need to leave my baby for days on end in his workshop.......thank goodness.

I'm writing this post right now using my  "fixed" baby.  Thanks Sir Charles!!!

My neighbour's cat was still enjoying its early morning ritual of soaking up the first rays of sunshine while lying atop the car roof before my neighbour leaves for work.

Peaceful slumber after a night of cat-a whowling perhaps?

Gosh a cat can't rest in peace without the crazy woman next door taking photos.

Meanwhile Brownie is enjoying the company of his new and old friends.
Phant, Monkee, Big Blue Rat, and Pinky Pig

I've been trying to take care of some gardening chores, but with the rain falling quite haphazardly of late, this has been hard to achieve.
To make matters worse, when the sun did peep out for a while, I decided to spray some pesticide on some tree weeds in the back of my property (my neighbour's land but he couldn't care less).
What else could possibly go wrong? 
As it turned out, my spray can had died a natural death and refused to work.  As we say here , the can said, "See muh here." (take me as you find me)...gosh now I've translated, it sounds sexual doesn't it?
A quick trip to the hardware store to get a replacement part and the friendly sales clerk almost laughed me out of the store.
"Yuh don't get dem nuh more....I ain't know de last day I see one of gotta buy a new can dat's fuh sure!!....Hahaha."
Okay, so say hello to my new friend.
 New Gilmour Professional Spray can

Of course it had to be inspected by the master of the house to make sure it was okay for me to use.

Yep, back to normal......


  1. You were soooo lucky to get the computer repaired so quickly. We are lucky in that one could almost set one's clock by the refuse/garbage collections. It's hard to buy parts for many things now isn't it? We live in a throw-away society.

    1. We do have pc repair shops but by the time you write up the pc service tag with your details, you can already read the disclaimer of the service taking a week or more.
      It's nice to have a pc guru friend that's for sure, who is there to help whether on the phone or in person.
      It seems like my garbage collection is now back to Thursdays...I'll let you know next week.
      I may live in a throw-away society (what we call here a mash-up and buy back society), but I don't subscribe to the practice. I love fixing stuff and giving them a new lease on life.

  2. Oh how frustrating to change the day and not let you know. More importantly what on earth are you doing up at 4am!

    1. Changing garbage days are mostly of a result of bank holidays, inclement weather and of course the one we hear all of the time, trucks are undergoing repairs or awaiting parts....we learn how to go with the flow here on the island.
      I'm up early every day, but then again I turn in "with the chickens." By 7am I have completed a ton of chores.


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