Sunday, 22 July 2012

Easy like Sunday morning

As you know, Brownie hurt his leg last week trying to catch that crazy monkey. He has been walking carefully all week long, keeping his hurt foot hoisted up and out of harm's way.  The painkillers prescribed by the vet seemed to have helped the poor boy, for he is now walking with his foot at a much better angle and almost touching the ground again.
I decided that since we had not gone to the beach in several weeks, that today was a good day......after all the sun was trying its darndest to fight the rain clouds away. It would also be good for his foot to be bathed in the salt off we went.
We hadn't visited Batts Rock beach for some time, hence I headed in that direction.
Batts Rock Beach is a nice quiet beach with calm waters, located on the west coast about 5 minutes from Bridgetown.  Even though a designated Public Beach, it is not generally overcrowded, so it was perfect for today's trek.

Let's start walking.......

What's that in the distance??

No, it can't be.....

Yes, a small flight of stairs probably left behind from hurricane destruction

What else is there to see?

Boats enjoying a day of sailing....

Interesting shaped pieces of driftwood above the high tide line

Looking towards Bridgetown...

....and the Bridgetown Harbour itself

West coast luxury homes and villas hugging the shoreline.

The life guard hut under some Manchineel trees.

The Manchineel tree (Hippomane mancinella) is one of the most poisonous trees in the world.
It bears a fruit which resembles a small green apple which is poisonous.
Tourists and locals are warned not to seek shelter under these trees when raining, as the sap from the leaves can result in serious blisters on the skin.

A monument to remind us of the past

Not a very happy story of past times

Manchineel fruit  hob-nobing with flamboyant flowers

Let's not forget the real reason I left home in the first place.

Wow, I could drown in this water....all this fuss for my foot

Brownie taking it all in
All in all, a morning well spent at the beach.


  1. I hope Brownie never mistakes those Manchineel fruit for balls.

  2. Missy, I was very careful while walking with him along this beach....he's not into fruit anyway...he's now getting the taste of mango.

  3. Oh my gosh. I've just been reading about The Tree. I shudder at the thought. Everything else including Brownie, look so beautiful.

  4. GB, have you started packing your bags yet?


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