Friday, 3 August 2012

All clear

We have been given the "all clear", since Ernesto no longer poses a threat to the island.
At 5am today, the storm warning for Barbados and our closest neighbour St.Vincent & The Grenadines was discontinued.
I heard the church bells ringing the all clear this morning....this is what they did in the older days before the advent of radio, tv and internet, to let folks know that it was okay to venture out again, the young folk would probably think it's silly, but it was a sound of solace for me
Ernesto is a bit weaker today, as it moves across the Windward Islands.
Last night, after my all day preparations, I was a bit tired, but did not want to go to sleep.
Thought Mr.Brownie would want to come inside, but he wanted to play "Mr.Big Man" and stay outside on the patio because the weather had not kicked into gear yet.
I knew however that when the thunder and lightning started that it would be a totally different story.  He remained on the patio until the rain driven by the wind, soaked the patio completely.
I'm not sure he liked so much wind blowing into his ears, nor the loud gongs of my Chinese chimes blowing in the wind......yes, I should have taken them down too, but I forgot.
Believe it or not, I fell asleep.....a deep peaceful sleep....and dreamed and dreamed and dreamed.
I even dreamed that when I woke up after the storm the next day that there were three (yes 3) satellite dishes strewn all over my front lawn.
Today, as with any storm system that passes us by,  the worse weather comes afterward with lots of rain that comes from the feeder bands of clouds, which can lead to serious flooding. Remember we are a flat island.  Our highest point is Mt. Hilaby in the parish of St.Andrew which rises 1,115ft (343m) above sea level.
Let's hope that we will not experience any serious flooding.
We have been spared once again, and we should be giving thanks.
There is an old saying that "God is  a Bajan", and sometimes I wonder about that.

Here is Brownie with the wind blowing into his ears.....all safe and sound.


  1. Glad to read that you are safe and sound. The wind doesn't seem to stress Brownie. How does he behave when a real storm is blowing? Martine

  2. I, too, am glad that you are safe and sound. In 2005 my conservatory was demolished in a hurricane (maximum gusting 147 mph) here on the Island and once the damage had been done I fell asleep and slept until I woke to a peaceful morning and surveyed the carnage.

  3. Hi Martine, thanks for stopping by.
    We are okay, lots of rain and some gusty wind during today, but nothing to worry about.
    Not too sure how Brownie would react in a real storm, since I've only had him from March. I do know that he hates fireworks like all my other dogs before.

  4. GB, thanks for your well wishes. Losing a conservatory must have been heartbreaking.
    Were you able to save any of the plants?
    I was not aware that they were hurricanes in that part of the world (Scotland)...gosh I am learning so much from my friends in the Blogosphere.

  5. And we think we have "weather" here in the UK!

    Glad all's well.

  6. Hi Frances, thanks for stopping by.
    I have heard all about the "weather" in the UK, and it's not too bad, although I don't really do cold and snow very well.
    I guess you have to get acquainted with the weather that you have and then work with it. In my case preparing for the storm/hurricane systems every year is more or less innate now.

  7. Virginia, I'm glad y'all are being spared Ernesto's wrath. We're dry enough here in Texas that many of us are hoping to get on his dirty side! I don't want the full on experience since it would mean picking up all that yard art - including the fish that hooked me - & storing it in the garage until the storm passes :-D

    Glad to "meet" another reader of my blog and an island girl at that! I lived in Hawaii from 1980-1982 and still miss it!

    Give Brownie a scratch behind the ears and a cuddle from me!

  8. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for the well wishes...I hope that you won't be too terribly affected by Ernesto's wrath, even if you need the careful what you wish for my dear.
    I have been following your blog via Helen at My Rustic Bajan Garden for a while now.
    Please take care of yourself and I hope that your foot will be healed soon.
    Brownie says thanks for the cuddles.


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