Thursday, 2 August 2012

Careful watch now a warning

The tropical depression has now been upgraded to Tropical Storm Ernesto.
I had myself a very busy day.  The supermarket was packed with last minute shoppers and the shelves were almost bare of the essential canned stuff, water and batteries.
I almost ran into a guy driving a big truck transporting sheets of plywood at the hardware store...he sure was in a hurry.
As I sit here watching the night with my boy Brownie at my side, in the distance I can still hear the pounding of hammers on roof tops in the night.
Folks are still on the streets trying to get necessary supplies.  We have a supermarket here whose slogan is "Open till a minute past ten"...I guess tonight it will stay open a lot longer.
The Tropical Storm watch has now been upgraded to Tropical Storm Warning for  Barbados.
The 8pm advisory states that we are beginning to be affected by Ernesto, especially since the tropical storm force winds extend for 115 miles from the centre.
The centre of the storm is expected to pass near to Barbados later tonight.... but I shall be staying up to keep a watchful eye on the storm.  Brownie will sleep inside with me tonight too, and not on the patio.
Even if I drift off to sleep, I will  awake once the barometric pressure drops (my asthmatic tell-tale sign) We should be feeling the full effects early tomorrow morning, except it picks up speed during the night.
The radio will be on with updates and local call-in programmes for folks to inform each other and the authorities what is happening in their areas.

We have been warned, so now it's time to hunker down.

Ernesto is almost on top of us, but look at the other larger system coming off the African coast on the right.


  1. Hope you and Brownie (and everyone else too)stay safe and there's not too much damage. Good luck!

  2. Hi Missy, thanks for your well wishes.
    We came out unscathed.
    Brownie did his job well of protecting everyone here.


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